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‘One Piece’ Chapter 1042 Release Date, Spoilers: The arrival of CP0 Boss amidst Kaido, Luffy’s fight

March 3, 2022

One Piece Chapter 1042 spoilers have now dropped and Kaido is in for a big déjà vu. The fight between Luffy and Kaido will continue and it looks like the CP0 boss will join the fight.

In One Piece Chapter 1042, fans will see the culmination of this story arc. Even if Wano seems to be on its last legs, there is still a lot to come in the series.

The next chapter is titled Winners Don’t Need an Excuse, with a cover photo of Oven carrying a book to Whole Cake Island. In recent highlights it was pointed out that the first fight will feature X Drake and the CP0 boss.

Everything looks intense as X stabs Drake on the CP0 boss. However, the CP0 boss fights back and hits X Drake with his Shigan Attack.

After that, the rest of the fighting revolves around Kaido and Luffy. Kaido reveals three new modes of his drunk mode attack.

Luffy then transforms into his Boundman form and uses the Gomu Gomu no Kong Gun attack. Kaido proves he’s unbeatable when he unleashes another new move, Raihou Hakke, in One Piece Chapter 1042.

From there, the CP0 boss gets to the island dome where Kaido and Luffy are fighting. Luffy becomes distracted, causing him to be hit by Kaido’s attack.

Kaido, in turn, is surprised and incredulous. This is the same thing that happened in his fight against Oden. Now that it’s happening again, what will he do next?

Elsewhere, Luffy will be even more determined to take down Kaido after learning Big Mom has been defeated, as reported by Epic Dope. Her fight will intensify even more knowing that the loss of Charlotte Linlin will only intensify it.

Luffy will have more confidence while Kaido seeks revenge. Fans will also see how Momonosuke will use Zunesha to help him.

He told Yamato about Oden’s journal, although he doesn’t know much about the torn page. He revealed that his father wanted to open Wano.

But if the people there were going to suffer great consequences, he didn’t think it was the right thing to do. Yamato could play an important role in clearing things up as she carries the will of Oden within her.

Last but not least, Drake will figure out the CP0’s mission to kill Luffy. While they don’t intend to stop his fight against Kaido, they still pose a major threat to the life of the Straw Hat Pirates’ leader.

One Piece Chapter 1042 will be released on Sunday March 6th.