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One Piece Chapter 1041 release date, spoilers: Zunesha and her arrival in Wano

February 17, 2022

One Piece Chapter 1041 could mostly focus on Zunesha’s arrival in Wano. After Momonosuke tells Yamato about the Naitamie-Norida elephant, it could change the course of the ongoing war.

In One Piece Chapter 1041, fans may finally learn what brings Zunesha to Wano. Now that Big Mom has finally been defeated, whose fight will end next?

Zoro looks worse after his fight with Big Mom. He’s got a new wound on his neck and it seems like he’s going to die at any moment.

However, Chopper could come to the rescue and heal Zoro, according to Epic Dope. Of course, this will not be the end of the pirate hunter loved by fans, although no one knows what will happen to him.

Meanwhile, before the previous chapter ends, Momo has sensed Zunesha’s arrival. While a fascinating figure, this gigantic creature is known to have committed an unknown crime 800 years ago.

Therefore, she is condemned to wander the seas forever. However, she can obey a command from a specific person, although no one knows who that might be.

So could it be Momo? Can she help win the war in Wano? It looks like One Piece Chapter 1041 will allow fans to witness Zunesha’s backstory so they can learn her true origins.

Meanwhile, in One Piece Chapter 1040, fans got to witness the final moments of Big Mom, Law and Kidd’s fight, as reported by OtakuKart News. The fight between the three had dragged on for several episodes, so fans were already waiting for the end.

Indeed, given the length of their struggle, some thought that either faction could meet their end at any moment. Law’s attacks on Big Mom proved deadly, but they took their toll on him, too.

He was devastated and every time Big Mom dodged his punches, she seemed ready to punch him down at any time. Luckily, he was a doctor who knew the anatomy of living things intimately, so he knew where Big Mom’s weak points lay.

Elsewhere, Momo heard a voice calling out to her, though fans couldn’t hear the conversation clearly. Luckily, their conversation was revealed at the end of the chapter.

Momo revealed that Zunesha was nearby and that she was Roger’s comrade who committed a crime eight centuries ago. The Child of Oden could have learned all of these things from Zunesha herself.

Momo seemed to have some sort of command over Zunesha as she awaited his orders. What does that mean? Find out when One Piece Chapter 1041 comes out on Sunday, February 27, after the week-long hiatus.