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One Piece Chapter 1039 release date, spoilers: will Law and Kidd finally defeat Big Mom?

February 2, 2022

Something big is about to happen in One Piece Chapter 1039. It will reveal what will happen in the Wano arc and everything depends on Big Mom’s fate.

No one knows where Big Mom’s story will lead. She can either win and help Kaido face off against Luffy, or be defeated, which would end her reign in One Piece chapter 1039.

The fight between Big Mom and Law and Kidd will soon come to an end. Being a fellow Yonko like Kaido, this fight is the second most important in the series, as recent highlights show.

No one can deny the incredible strength of a Yonko. However, after defeating Kidd and Law, the two face her again.

Desperate to bring her down, Law and Kidd launch a series of new attacks against her. They are both determined to take down the female Yonko no matter what.

So, in One Piece Chapter 1039, the fight between the three will continue, because the two captains will do everything to not let them go on the roof and help Kaido. Elsewhere, fans may also see the fight between Yamato and Kanjuro.

Kanjuro wanted to take everyone with him into the abyss. Luckily, Yamato managed to stop him, if only for a short time.

She froze any nearby explosive devices using her Devil Fruit powers and Mahoroba to destroy them after Kanjuro melted the ice. It looks like fans will see some developments in this fight.

Yamato is running out of time because there are only a few grains of sand left in the hourglass. She must make a quick decision and act quickly before Kazenbo blows up the entire island.

Additionally, fans can get a glimpse of the CP0 storyline in One Piece Chapter 1039, as reported by SportsKeeda. Izou made a good move against his opponents but still ran into the CP0 agents.

Although they simply ignored him, he didn’t let them get far. With that, the next chapter might not be good for Izou.

X Drake and a random number have already taken care of the agents by revealing a tremendous amount of power. The former Whitebeard commander will continue to be in deep trouble unless Marco shows up to intervene.

Even though that part of the story isn’t settled yet, fans want to know what happened to Zoro in the last chapter.

Did he really see the real Grim Reaper or was he just hallucinating? Find out when One Piece Chapter 1039 releases on Sunday February 6th.