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One Piece Chapter 1039 Release Date, Spoilers: The Defeat of Big Mom

February 4, 2022

One Piece Chapter 1039 spoilers have now dropped and it hints at Big Mom’s defeat. So is this where Law and Kidd will finally end their fight?

Titled Key Performer, someone will perform well in One Piece Chapter 1039. Since we know that two Straw Hat Pirates are up against Big Mom, which of Law and Kidd could it be?

The new chapter begins with Momonosuke hearing someone calling him while pulling Onigashima away from Wano. Recent highlights have shown him embracing the clouds of flames and amazed at what he can do, determined not to let Onigashima fall.

The next scene shows Law and Kidd arguing while their fight with Big Mom continues. The two manage to break some bones of the female Yonko, but she is still recovering as she uses her Soru Soru no mi powers.

Law unleashes all his power to perform his final attack on Big Mom. The action is so massive that it even affects the whole country of Wano and has a big impact on Big Mom.

Law tells Kidd to do the same, but Big Mom yells and asks the two if they think they can defeat her. I’m Big Mom! she announces.

She then summons Prometheus, Hera, and Napoleon and fuses the three into one sword to cut up Kidd’s bull. She also creates a giant woman of fire to attack Kidd.

However, Law uses his Tact power to throw the roof on Big Mom’s head, while Kidd uses his electromagnetic powers to attack her with a cannon. Law explains that their era will end in One Piece chapter 1039 and his sword pierces them, Onigashima and Wano. For the finale, he uses his Puncture Wile to hit Big Mom.

Meanwhile, Epic Dope assumed that the fight between Kidd and Law and Big Mom would finally come to an end in One Piece Chapter 1039. Their struggle has now lasted for several chapters.

Kidd and Law continue to lose stamina, while Big Mom remains steadfast despite her efforts to strengthen herself. However, since they vow not to let her go to the roof to help Kaido fight Luffy, they could end their fight here.

Although defeating Big Mom seems impossible, this will be Kidd and Law’s moment of glory. Momonosuke might also help after Yamato finally reaches the armory.

But Zunesha could also play a major role after fans witnessed her arrival. One Piece Chapter 1036 will be released on Sunday February 6th.