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One Piece Chapter 1034 Release Date, Spoiler: Will Zoro Finally Defeat The King?

November 30, 2021

The fight between Zoro and King continues in One Piece Chapter 1034 and fans are excited to see if the pirate hunter can bring the enemy down. He is known as the man who is always trying to improve. Will he show some improvement in their fight?

Zoro never relies on his past. Rather, he always looks to the future to further develop his skills, which will be seen in One Piece Chapter 1034.

He’s just beginning to catch up with King’s level of combat, so will he succeed? Despite this turn of events, fans may not see his Ashura form again.

In recent highlights, it was pointed out that Sanji and Zoro have appeared to be in constant fights lately. Usually, Eiichiro Oda ends Sanji’s fight before continuing with Zoro’s action, but this time it’s different.

He now shows the brawls of the two and shows how the Straw Hat pirates fight in this war. Zoro has a hard time with Enma, who is currently acting erratically.

Add to that the resilience of King, and the fight is real for Zoro. So far he has successfully dodged Zoro’s attacks and that could continue into One Piece Chapter 1034.

How does it go with the Straw Hat Pirate fighter after Zoro has dropped his sword? Will he manage to defeat the king?

In the meantime, in One Piece Chapter 1034, Zoro Shi Shishi Sonson: Song of the Death Lion used Song against King, but King felt nothing. He just turned into a pteranodon shape and attacked Zoro with tempura udon, according to OtakuKart News.

Zoro dodged King’s attack with his sword, but Enma lost control and sucked up his haki instead. From here, King had the chance to unleash Tempura Udon: Proud Imperial Marten who destroyed part of the island.

Zoro dropped his three swords in surprise. As soon as he regained his senses, he jumped and caught one of them.

Then he revealed Sandai Kitetsu and a flashback began. Here he was talking to Hitetsu about the sword.

Then he remembered the day he received his gun in Loguetown and thought it was bewitched. Ippon Matsu refused to show Zoro the blade as it would drive him to his death, but he was persistent.

Back in the current timeline, King Zoro approached in flames and kicked him. Taking all the blows, Zoro grabbed the second sword and remembered how he had received it from Kuina. What happens next can be seen when One Piece Chapter 1034 comes out on Sunday, December 5th.