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‘One Piece’ Chapter 1032 Spoiler: The mission to defeat all enemies

November 11, 2021

One Piece Chapter 1032 shows the main characters doing their best to complete their missions, defeat the enemy and save Onigashima. Can Luffy and the rest of his allies finally bring down Kaido, Big Mom and their subordinates while the war continues?

Zoro has resumed his battle with Queen while Kid and Law team up to face Big Mom. Yamato is closer to the armory now, so can she save Onigashima in One Piece Chapter 1032?

Fans saw Sanji decide to ditch the Germa suit and opt for humanity, Epic Dope. However, this decision makes Queen sad as he looks forward to seeing his transformation.

Anyway, this gives Sanji confidence again and unleashes Hell’s Memories against Queen. This is his first move in their fight.

Big Mom absorbs the souls of all of her people, turning her into a gigantic woman of exuberant strength. Even so, the Kid and Law are determined to defeat them.

Elsewhere, if he goes insane and turns into a cold-blooded monster, Sanji begs Zoro to kill him. In the meantime, Apoo has changed allies and betrayed Kaido to end his fight against Drake.

But it looks like Drake has no plans to take revenge on him and continues their fight in One Piece, Chapter 1032. Also, Yamato must rush back to Momonosuke to save Onigashima after approaching the armory.

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With these twists and turns, everyone is doing their own thing, and the next episode will show what progress they have made. In any case, it will mainly be about the fight between Sanji and Queen or Kid and Law against Big Mom.

But if there’s one fight fans have been looking forward to for a long time, it’s the clash between Luffy and Kaido. The fight between the two could finally take place on the roof again, as the latest highlights show.

Yamato has already left Luffy with Kaido so they can begin their final duel. After the captain of the pirate beasts defeated the contender for the pirate king, the latter has become stronger than before.

He now has more control over his advanced form of Haku, although he still needs to step up to defeat Kaido. Just like Kid and Law, he must awaken his powers to have a chance to defeat the strongest creature in the world.

So soon the fans will see Luffy taking on Kaido at full speed. While it will be a few more chapters for fans to see their long-awaited fight, it will be a real must as Luffy’s powers will finally awaken.

Will it begin in One Piece, chapter 1032? Find out when the new chapter comes out on Sunday, November 21st, after Eiichiro Oda’s week-long break.