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One Piece Chapter 1032 Release Date, Spoiler: Will Yamato Kid Help Law Fight Big Mom?

November 15, 2021

Kid and Law face Big Mom alone, but it looks like they’re going to get unlikely help in this fight. In One Piece, chapter 1032, there are theories that Yamato will help the two of them hunt down the female Yonko.

The Kid and Law have to admit that they are already exhausted fighting someone as strong as Big Mom. Although they have already awakened their two powers, they are still not up to their ability, so they will in One Piece Chapter 1032 finally getting help.

The Kid and Law’s powers have a time limit after having only recently learned them. Sure, you can beat Big Mom, but you’ll need to gather even more strength to do that.

Meanwhile, someone might show up and brave Big Mom. Who could that be? According to the latest highlights, it could be Yamato.

No one can deny Big Mom’s strength. She is the queen of the Tontatta land and is celebrated as one of the four emperors.

She has used part of her life span to make herself bigger and stronger so that she can overwhelm anyone, even Kaido. So, despite Laws and Kids awakened skills, they’ll have to work a lot harder to defeat them in One Piece Chapter 1032.

However, since Law’s power can hurt Big Mom from the inside out, it will be very useful to them in battle. Alternatively, Law has a gamma knife that is now even more powerful.

Even if it didn’t work for Kaido, it could hit Big Mom after he awakens his skills. Big Mom is known for not being injured.

So an attack that can injure you from within will play an important role here. So can you finally dethrone Big Mom?

In One Piece chapter 1031, Law and Kid managed to bring down Big Mom a couple of times (Dual Shockers). The latter, however, used part of her life span to rush back into battle.

This made Big Mom stronger and bigger, which made her a very dangerous opponent. Elsewhere, Robin tried everything to escape CP0, but it even came closer to catch her.

The scene then shifted to Sanji, who destroyed his raid suit. He believed that his power had something to do with hurting an innocent woman.

From here on, he vowed never to use Germa’s powers again so that he would never become a monster like his brothers. Anyway, his step angered Queen, which made their fight even more intense. What happens next can be seen when One Piece Chapter 1032 comes out on Sunday, November 21st, after the weeklong break.