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One Piece 1018 Raw, spoilers, release date, predictions and more

June 28, 2021

One Piece ”1018 is just days away from its official premiere and if there isn’t an unexpected break in the week, fans will finally be able to feel the long-awaited chapter through spoilers and raw scans on Tuesday.

Spoiler and Raw Scans release date

The “One Piece” manga will not have a hiatus this week, which means that unofficial spoilers will be uploaded between Tuesday and Wednesday. As for the unofficial raw scans, they will be available between Thursday and Friday, along with the detailed chapter summary.

Fans can expect “One Piece” 1018 to release on July 4th.

Predictions and spoilers

Based on various clues from the previous episode of the manga, it looks like fans will be in for a treat, especially fans of Roronoa Zoro, Vinsmoke Sanji, and Sea’s First Son Jinbei. “One Piece 1018 could show Zoro taking Miyagi’s super drug, allowing him to resume action. Zoro is currently on the Live Stage and there is a possibility that he will face another Kaidou All-Stars, King the Conflagration.

The Calamity is also present on the living stage and the latest update on him is that he solemnly observes the Samurai alliance’s willingness to fight after learning through Momonosuke’s announcement that Luffy is still alive and will soon be returning to battle. The previous chapter also showed Vinsmoke Sanji fighting the Scourge Queen in his hybrid form and it looks like this will continue in “One Piece” 1018. More importantly, fans saw Who Who fights against the new official member of the Hats, Jinbei.

Other details

The previous chapter also revealed that thanks to O-tama’s instructions, SMILE users who ate his kibi dango are fighting for the Samurai alliance. Although most of Kaïdou’s henchmen are baffled by this turn of events, O-Tama’s action has come at a price. It won’t be long before the King, Queen, Jack, or other top officials of the Pirate Beast realize what caused some of his subordinates to suddenly change their allegiance.