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On The Verge Of Insanity Episode 10: Preview And Where To Watch It

July 21, 2021

MBC’s workplace drama On the Verge of Insanity doesn’t involve anything too outrageous. The drama depicts the harsh realities that everyone can face when working for a company. It is common for any company to get involved in layoffs, voluntary resignations, bribes, etc. It’s also about climbing ranks and getting higher positions using every possible method. The drama On the Edge of Madness paints the same picture. The series began with a simple voluntary resignation, firing and change of department for some employees of a company. But the same thing happens now with the internal politics of a company. So what will happen in episode 10 of On the Brink of Insanity?

In the last episode that aired, the listeners received a tip and began to investigate the director of the company for bribery in the tenders. However, Se-Kwon is involved in the same case. Will his actions finally be revealed to everyone? Or will he escape once more using his tricks? As we already know, a war has been raging between Se-Kwon and Mr. Choi since the latter’s arrival at the company. Se-Kwon has a slightly higher position than Mr. Choi. This leads him to arbitrarily use his position and transfer Mr. Choi to the human resources department.

However, Mr. Choi is again referred to the investigation department. Can they solve their problems and resolve the grudges between them? Se-Kwon, like any other employee, only seeks to please his superiors and succeed, which leads him to use bad means. However, Mr. Choi is the opposite and just wants to do his job.

On the Verge of Insanity Episode 10: Release Date

The premiere date for On the Verge of Insanity Episode 10 is July 22, 2021 on MBC at 9:00 p.m. KST. So there is only one day left before episode 10 airs. Also, this week will see the premiere of episode 10 in addition to episode 9 of the Korean series.

On the brink of madness Episode 10: What’s going to happen?

Episode 10 of On the Brink of Madness has yet to air. In addition, the episode 9 of the series has not yet been broadcast. But, we already know how Han Se Kwon and Dang Ja-Young face problems at their jobs due to the sale of the dishwasher. The next few episodes will present more problems, whether they can overcome the same or not. Also, Mr. Choi is aware of the dishwasher problem and wants everyone involved to be punished. Somehow, Seo Na Ri found out that Se Kwon was involved in the dishwasher microchip auction. He also knows that Ja-Young knows this and that he is protecting Se Kwon. Will he do something and reveal their real faces for his own competition?

On the other hand, Mr. Choi had total faith in Ja-Young to reveal to everyone who was behind the corrupt deals. However, he asked the listener to drop the questions that left Mr. Choi shocked. Will this end the relationship that is developing between the two men? What will happen to your relationship? Also, Ja-Young finds it difficult to focus and solve problems in the human resources department on his own after Mr. Choi moves to another department. The next episodes will focus on the same thing.

What will happen to Ja-Young and Se-Kwon? Will Se-Kwon manage to escape the listeners after Ja-Young helps him? Will you both be fired after the revelations that took place? Can Ja-Young weather the crisis and pave the way for the successful sale of the dishwasher? After all, it was she who recommended that the president of the company do the same. The upcoming episodes will reveal everything that will happen to Se-Kwon and Ja-Young.

On the brink of madness Episode 10: Where to watch online?

On the Verge of Insanity Episode 10 is available to watch online in just two official apps. These are respectively Kocowa and Rakuten Viki. However, the program is only available in certain countries in both applications. Hence, one can use a VPN to watch the series on these apps.