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Noah Schnapp reveals his one major resemblance to Stranger Things character Will

January 6, 2023

Noah Schnapp has revealed that he’s very similar to his Stranger Things character Will in one way: he’s gay. The 18-year-old star has come out and confirmed his sexual orientation in a TikTok video published on Thursday, January 5.

Schnapp seemed surprised that his family and friends knew all along after he made the reveal. In fact, the clip he shared showed how calm and happy he was.

The said clip, which is about HollywoodLife was circulated showed him lying in bed and in high spirits. He wrote over the video of himself that all his family and friends said they knew when he finally told them he was gay after 18 years of being afraid to go into hiding. He also murmured the words in a tone that suggested things were never serious.

In the caption, the actor referred to his Stranger Things character, writing that he thinks he’s more like him than he thought.

Initially, Stranger Things fans suspected that Will was gay, which Schnapp in a July 2022 interview with Variety confirmed. The young star revealed that his character’s sexuality was hinted at in the first season and stressed that it was already there, but no one knew.

One obvious clue was that Will seemed to be growing up more slowly than his friends. From there, there were plenty of innuendos and hints that Will wasn’t interested in women, like in a Season 3 episode where Mike (Finn Wolfhard) yelled at him after a heated Dungeons & Dragons game that it wasn’t his fault that he doesn’t like girls.

Schnapp went on to say that now that Will has gotten older, the people behind the series have made it a very real, obvious thing. Now it’s clear that Will is 100% gay and he loves Mike.

Will’s conversation with his brother Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) in the season 4 finale even served as his official revelation that he is gay. Jonathan happily took his little brother in and hugged him tightly as a sign of acceptance and support.

Stranger Things director and executive producer Shawn Levy explained to Entertainment Weeklythat the third season is not specifically aimed at the sexual orientation of the cast. However, he did admit that there was a clear intent, strategy, and reasoning behind each character.

So if fans felt the plot and character hints in the first episode of Season 4, it was no coincidence. Schnapp had also hinted at Will’s sexuality in previous interviews, but later said it was left to everyone’s interpretation.