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NewJeans are getting praise for their unchanged looks after baby photos surfaced

November 8, 2022

NewJeans are highly acclaimed for their unique talent and incredible imagery. They get even more applause when their baby photos show up online.

NewJeans effortlessly catches everyone’s attention since they entered the South Korean music scene. After their debut earlier this year, the five-piece group consisting of Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin and Hyein have already gained a lot of popularity and are recognized by many.

A collection of photos of the band has recently been circulating on the internet and is attracting a lot of attention. The pictures prove that each member possesses remarkable beauty from a young age.

One netizen opined they grew up looking so good, while another claimed Danielle looked insanely cute when she was young. Another fan claimed they grew up exactly the same and have the same looks from then to now.

How can they grow up looking the same? asked another. One blurted out that he would love to pinch their baby cheeks, while the last one emphasized that they are natural beauties and look like mochis.

Proving that they’re not only beautiful but also successful, one of NewJeans’ debut singles, Hype Boy, has already racked up a whopping 100 million streams on Spotify. The group’s agency, ADOR, confirmed the allegation on Tuesday, November 8 via Korea Times.

As of Sunday, the song had 100,704,055 streams, less than 100 days after its August release. It also featured on Spotify Korea’s weekly Top Songs chart for 14 consecutive weeks and topped it for three consecutive weeks in the last month.

However, another song by the group, Attention, is expected to hit 100 million streams soon, having already reached 92.5 million.

Meanwhile, NewJeans have already given their fan base an official name. After celebrating their 100th day in business since their debut, they unveiled their official fan club’s name and lightstick.

They will be called Bunnies or Tokki, which means rabbit in Korean. However, some say her glow stick is similar to BAP’s, which takes the form of a rabbit named Matoki, who is also the group’s mascot.

This prompted a discussion in the online community institutionwhich debated the similarities between the two glowsticks.

One fan opined that the only similarity between the two is that they are both rabbits. Another claims they don’t look alike at all, saying NewJeans’ glowstick just reminds him of BAP’s.

Another fan explained that the design and color are different and they differ from each other. I’m a BAP fan, but I didn’t think anything of it, someone pointed out.