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Netflix’s Single’s Inferno: Find out more about Kim Hyun-Joong

January 14, 2022

The Netflix series Single’s Inferno is gaining traction despite the end of its first season. All 12 cast members have piqued everyone’s interest and it’s time to get to know one of them, Kim Hyun-joong, on a deeper level.

Kim Hyun-joong is a 28-year-old model who works out a lot which can be seen on his muscular and toned physique. Thanks to Single’s Inferno’s instant popularity, he now has almost 1 million followers on Instagram, more than double the number he used to have.

In a Q&A on Instagram after he was in his story Ask me anything posted, he answered some interesting fan questions, as noted by AllKpop. He revealed that he was asked a number of times about her ideal type, and openly replied that it was Han So-hwee.

He also revealed that he became a member of the reality dating series through a direct message. Although the show has since ended, he kept in touch with his fellow cast members.

The reality star went on to say that the series was not scripted at all and everyone lived on the island for the duration of filming. He only escaped the inferno after striking a romance with YouTube star Free Zia or Song Ji-ah.

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Meanwhile, many are surprised to learn that Kim Hyun-joong is real-life friends with Single’s Inferno contestant Cha Hyun-seun. According to the Cheat Sheet, the two belong to the same circle.

They train together and have a similar group of friends, which makes them good buddies. Cha Hyun-seun is also a dancer while Kim Hyun-joong is a gym owner and fitness athlete.

They obviously have similar interests when it comes to fitness and health, which likely ties them together. The couple also competes in physique competitions.

In a post on Instagram in April 2021, they both showed off their perfect physiques. They were also tagged in a snap by one of their friends at Kim Hyun-joong’s MoodGym gym.

Since Cha Hyun-seun has also worked in the entertainment industry with K-pop idols and other celebrities, he may have bumped into Kim Hyun-joong. In fact, they’ve been tagged by some of the most famous actors, such as Woo Do-hwan and Hyun Woo, who is their mutual boyfriend.

The Single’s Inferno stars also worked as extras for the Stray Kids performance in Kingdom. Kim Hyun-joong and Cha Hyun-seun also posted a snap with some idols on Instagram.