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My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 14 Release Date, Spoilers: Is Mr. Compress Still Alive?

December 27, 2022

Is Mr. Compress still alive in My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 14? That’s the question fans are looking for an answer to because the second part of the anime is coming soon.

Many doubt Mr. Compress’ life in My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 14. Known as a con artist, he might just fake his death and surprise many that he is still full of life.

Fans see Deku helpless again after Shigaraki manages to escape. The villain will surely return much stronger than before, with an incredible power that no one would have believed him capable of.

The plan to catch him at this point just backfired for the hero. As it stands, there is no way for them to advance yet.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 14 will begin the second course of this season after the Paranormal Liberation War ended in Episode 13. Although some key events from this story arc have not yet been adjusted, there are theories that he could be seen at the beginning of the second course of the rogue hunt.

The new episode preview previews the season’s new theme song, North Wind (Kita Kaze) by rock band Six Lounges. The track will be heard in episodes 14 to 25, although it is still unclear whether there will also be a new opening theme song.

The previous seasons of the series each had two opening and ending theme songs. So it could be that this will also be the case in the current season. There will also be a new series of images that will be featured during the intro.

There will be no new episodes this week as the anime is on a New Year’s break. The manga is also on hiatus as Shueisha is taking a Christmas break.

It is also known that the creator Kohei Horikoshi has to take frequent breaks due to his health problems. Luckily, he has the support of fans who help him recover and organize his work so that it doesn’t worsen his health.

There are ongoing debates about how much manga content is left that the current season will adapt. By the end of the first season, 37 chapters had already been adapted into 13 episodes, with about three animated chapters per episode.

So the remaining 12 episodes could have another 36 chapters. After all, there are still 11 chapters of the Paranormal Liberation Arc to adapt.

If this is adapted in season two, a total of 32 chapters must be covered, and the star and strip may not be introduced until the end of the season. My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 14 will be released on Saturday January 7th.