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‘My Hero Academia’ Season 6 Episode 12 Release Date, Spoilers: Fans Set To See More Reveals, Big Fights, Beaten Deku And More!

December 16, 2022

A new preview of My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 12 has been released, hinting at more revelations about Dabi’s true identity. The big reveal shook the anime to its core, but it might just be the tip of the iceberg.

A lot will happen in My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 12. Alongside Dabi’s big reveal, the surprise arrival of Beast Jeanist proves he’s still alive.

Hawks seems to have left Best Jeanist alive on purpose so he could work his way into the heart of the Paranormal Liberation Front. He used his mastery of the Weave to stop Dabi from unleashing his Prominence Burn ability on his brother Shoto and father Endeavor.

Sure, the return of Beast Jeanist comes as a surprise to many, but more shocking revelations may follow as the war arc nears its conclusion.

Multiple images of Dabi, Best Jeanist, Shoto, and Bakugo can be seen in the My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 12 preview posted to the series’ official Twitter account. The villain remains a major threat to everyone, while the heroes will do whatever they can to save the day.

At the end of the war arc, Deku will be a very different hero after seeing several heroes bite the bullet as the hero society continues to grapple with the various revelations that have happened. Now that the manga has reached its final story arc, all eyes are on the anime’s paranormal war of liberation.

The next episode could be about the reveal of Dabi, who just so happens to be Endeavor’s son, Enji, who many thought was long dead. From there, fans could watch a family fight pitting Endeavor and Shoto against Dabi as hinted at in the preview.

However, there are theories that it won’t come to that, as Endeavor is too surprised to even move after learning that his son is still alive and has become one of the main villains of the series.

Of course, in My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 12, Deku will constantly face off against his enemies. Still, he might not heed the other advice that he, Bakugo, and the other injured heroes leave the battlefield to save themselves.

Deku knows he can’t just escape since Shigaraki is after him. Still, fans will see a badly battered Deku doing his best to continue the fight and push his limits to defeat Shigaraki.

Fans will see this and more when My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 12 airs on Saturday, December 17th.