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My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 14 Release Date and Time

June 22, 2021

Season 5 will continue after a short hiatus and when a story arc ends, a new one will begin at some point, so get ready for another exciting adventure, set your countdown with the game’s premiere date and time. Episode 14 and make sure you don’t miss any of the anime series based on Kōhei Horikoshi’s superhero shōnen manga series, My Hero Academia.

Warning ! This part may contain spoilers for My Hero Academia. Read at your own risk!

What happened in My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 13?

In My Hero Academia season 5 episode 13, titled “Merry Christmas,” just before the end of the second semester, professional hero Mt. Lady, a special speaker, conducts a media course for students and students. school yard to practice interviews. Each student must respond, one after another, to the special moves they have and on behalf of their hero. Other students were asked about their personalities.

On the other hand, the city of Mudhana faces riots that turn the place into ruins. Although the losses have been controlled, the damage left on the city is greater than what happened on Kamino.

Since it is the Christmas season, Yuei High School has its own Christmas party in the dorm. Heroes’ practice activity continues as requested by public safety.

Where to watch episode 14 of season 5 of My hero academia online?

my hero academia episodes can be found online on various streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll where you can find the Japanese audio version with English subtitles, Funimation with the English dubbed version of the animated series, Wakanim if you are in Scandinavia, animelab if you are in Australia and New Zealand, and Hulu if you are in the United States.

What is the release date for My Hero Academia season 5 episode 14?

My Hero Academia season 5 will take a short hiatus and episode 14, titled Now! Endeavor Office will launch on July 3, 2021 for those with a premium access subscription that costs $ 9.99 per month, or $ 79.99 per year for Crunchyroll and $ 5.99 per month or $ 59.99 per year for Funimation. It will go online for free on July 10, 2021.

What is the release time of episode 14 of season 5 of My Hero Academia?

My Hero Academia season 5 episode 14 will be released at 5:30 pm JST. The departure time varies depending on your geographic location. The departure time according to your location is as follows:

Pacific Time: 2:30 am PT

Central Time: 4:30 am CT

Eastern Time: 5:30 am EST

UK Time: 10:30 am BST