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My Hero Academia Chapter 380 release date, spoilers: Deku can continuously receive Shigaraki’s attacks

February 1, 2023

My Hero Academia Chapter 380 will feature more of Deku and Shigaraki. The two will face each other again and it will be a fight like no other.

Shigaraki has finally gained control of his quirks after being freed by All for One. From there he can perform some combo moves just like AFO did, although it remains to be seen if it will harm Deku in My Hero Academia Chapter 380.

Deku has a time limit due to his Gearshift, so he can only fight for a short amount of time. He may even take a lot of damage before his Gearshift time limit is reached.

However, no one knows what effect it will have on their body when it eventually happens. But from what the second user says, he might be incapacitated for a while.

Therefore, in My Hero Academia Chapter 380, Deku may be constantly attacked by Shigaraki. The Second User can then appear and give a time update to reveal the future that awaits Deku.

The upcoming chapter could end with this hint and set up a big cliffhanger that will be featured in the next issue. Nevertheless, fans should take these assumptions with a grain of salt, because nothing has been confirmed yet.

First off, the revelation of Shigaraki’s origins helped him regain control of himself unbeknownst to AFO. He reveals that this is the path he chose.

In the end, Shigaraki and Tenko Shimura have only one wish left: they want to destroy everything that has to do with the house. The two believe this is their last chance at rescue, and it can all be seen in My Hero Academia Chapter 380.

Meanwhile, in chapter 379 of My Hero Academia, Deku recalled a radiant light that had always protected him from darkness when he was about to be engulfed by his powers. Lady Nagant told him that the bright light would be what would save him from those dark moments.

As the battle continued, AFO told Deku that believing that he, his powers, and his followers were the face of justice was a mistake. Already prepared to kill Deku and his fellow heroes, AFO taunted them as aimless weaklings.

The conversation continued, and AFO thought it was embarrassing to see what had happened as he thought Shigaraki was the master of manipulation. Little did he know that Shigaraki had a plan and hid his origins deep in his heart.

You can see what’s next when My Hero Academia Chapter 380 comes out on Sunday February 5th.