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My Hero Academia Chapter 377 Release Date, Spoilers: The Sequel to Dabi, Endeavor’s Fight

December 28, 2022

The fight between Dabi and his father, Endeavor, continues in My Hero Academia Chapter 377. Will this be the villain’s final battle with his skeletal form?

Endeavor is now missing an arm and is badly exhausted, but he seems to have no choice but to face his son. This could be the last time the two get into a fight, and fans can finally see who will win between them in My Hero Academia Chapter 377.

Hawks tries to stop All for One, who is under the rewind. He’ll probably try to rush things and get to Tomura as soon as possible.

The fight between Deku and Shigaraki also continues, and it gets even more interesting after Kurogiri warps to their location. AFO wants to be there too, so he’s trying his best to get there.

But now that the Sad Man’s Parade is spreading, Uraraka and the rest of the gang must find a way to stop them. Can they do that successfully in My Hero Academia Chapter 377?

The next chapter will be mostly about Sad Man’s Paradise as Twice is about to cause even more trouble for the heroes. He is the only one of the League of Villains who can turn the tide of war and possibly lead their group to victory.

However, if there’s one thing fans want to know, it’s whether the new chapter will be shorter or longer this time around. The final parts were shorter than usual due to creator Kohei Horikoshi’s health issues. Hopefully things will return to normal soon as the series’ plots become more intense.

Meanwhile, in Chapter 376 of My Hero Academia, Tsuyu and Ochaco have fallen out of the warp gate Toya used to get to Gunga Mountain Ruins, where Dabi and AFO are fighting.

The villains managed to overwhelm the heroes with the Sad Man’s Parade and Dabi’s Flame, forcing them to retreat. Shishido suggested transporting the captured villains or they would die.

Tsuyu became worried about Todoroki and Shoji after seeing Dabi and Kurogiri in the same place. Jiro and Tokoyami arrived and regrouped with Ochaco and Tsuyu.

The fight grew increasingly chaotic and Jiro lost an ear. The latter realized that the Sad Man’s Parade was full of Toga’s clones and they had to stop them.

Dabi’s flames grew too hot as Toga continued to duplicate. They resumed the fight against the clones while AFO laughed, happy that everything was working his way.

Before the chapter ended, Daby charged at Endeavor, who eventually recognized his enemy as Toya, one of his sons. Your battle will continue when My Hero Academia Chapter 377 releases on Sunday, January 1st.