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My Hero Academia Chapter 376 release date, spoilers: The continuation of the great battle in the Gunga Mountains

December 21, 2022

My Hero Academia Chapter 376 is finally released this week after a two-week wait. Creator Kohei Horikoshi is reportedly improving; so the story goes on.

However, it looks like the release of My Hero Academia Chapter 376 will be followed by another long hiatus due to the holidays. What will happen this time?

The upcoming chapter will likely be about the ongoing battle in the Gunga Mountains. Even though Uraraka can’t prevent the fight between Dabi and Endeavor, he might try to intervene when Toga faces Hawks.

Hawks could intervene between the two Todorokis’ fights, making it a five-way battle, along with Toga and Uraraka. Fans also want to know if Shoto will reappear in the all-out war in the Gunga Mountains.

If Shoto and Dabi’s fight just changed the scene and objective, it would be a pathetic sight. Therefore, there are theories that Iida Shoto could rush through the portal in My Hero Academia Chapter 376 to help Endeavor and Hawks fight Dabi again.

Meanwhile, My Hero Academia Chapter 375 saw the fight between Toga and Uraraka on Okuto Island. Toga’s fight against Uraraka and Tsuyu helped her plan her next moves and think like a real villain.

She successfully lured Tsuyu with bait and took a blood sample from him to pose as a hero. Her determination alerted Kurogiri to her presence, so he came to her aid.

Toga unleashed a Sad Man’s Parade as Kurogiri opened the portal to the Gunga Mountains. Her main goal was to kill Hawks, but she also wanted to help Daby and destroy the heroes.

Uraraka followed her with Tsuyu’s help, not wanting to accept her defeat. However, it remained to be seen if the Tsuya she was dating was real or just an embodiment of Toga.

Related news: My Hero Academia Chapter 376 was supposed to be released on December 18th, but several reputable sources claim that the chapter was suddenly postponed due to Horikoshi’s health problems. As a result, a special note was leaked from Weekly Shonen Jump’s third issue, in which the series’ editors revealed that the highly-anticipated chapter would be delayed at short notice.

They explained that no immediate changes have been announced. However, they promised that the manga would return to its usual serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump issue 4/5 with a cover feature and the results of the next popularity poll.

Finally, My Hero Academia Chapter 376 will be released on Sunday December 25th.