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My Hero Academia Chapter 371 Release Date, Spoilers: Can Octoblow Convince More Rioters To Join The Heroes’ Side?

October 26, 2022

Octoblow will continue to join the fight in My Hero Academia Chapter 371 after attacking Spinners in the previous chapter. Also known as Mezo Shoji, he managed to shine when battling the mob after taking matters into his own hands.

But could his move in My Hero Academia Chapter 371 still prove effective if he knew they were facing a large number of people? Can he convince more people to side with them?

Despite the discrimination, Octoblow continues to side with the heroes. He bravely faces the mob, unaware that they are outnumbered.

With 15,000 enemies trying to defeat them when there were only 200, the heroes and even the police find it difficult to control the situation. Despite this, Octoblow has no intention of giving up and leaving his fellow heroes behind in this fight.

He will continue fighting the mob in My Hero Academia Chapter 371. The heroes marginalized by society will stand against their own kind.

Fans can also finally witness the fight between Deku and Shigaraki. The latter has yet to be defeated, let alone dead.

So expect him to resurrect and join the fight, which could make matters worse. However, he could have a lot up his sleeve if he faces the heroes again.

Meanwhile, the villains haven’t come up with a plan to save innocent people from being harmed in battle. They have all been manipulated into believing that they are doing the right thing without considering that without help they are putting themselves in danger.

However, the revolutionaries began to have doubts when Octoblow asked them how they planned to help the civilians escape the war. So, in My Hero Academia Chapter 371, some rebels could switch sides and join the heroes.

Koda could also help Octoblow confront Spinner and bring him down. The latter seems like too much, and doing it alone might be too hard for Octoblow. So if Koda and Octoblow team up, maybe they can finally stop AFO’s evil plan.

In My Hero Academia Chapter 370, Spinner led thousands of villains in the hospital to free Kurogiri, referred to as the perfect Nomu.

The mutant villains numbered 15,000 while the heroes and police were only 200. They viewed weirdos as representatives of mutant society and wanted people to pay for ignoring and eliminating them.

The fight will continue when My Hero Academia Chapter 371 releases on Sunday October 30th.