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My Hero Academia Chapter 365 Release Date, Spoilers: The Tragic Fate of Mirko

September 2, 2022

My Hero Academia Chapter 365 could witness the tragic fate of Mirko. Edgeshot enlisted Mirko’s help to keep Shigaraki away so he could save Bakugo.

However, when she did her best to hold Shigaraki as long as possible, she was badly injured. Since her battle against the villain has claimed several lives, will fans see the end of the popular rabbit heroine in My Hero Academia Chapter 365?

SportsKeeda has stated that Mirko has already sustained serious injuries from the last war, but her current condition continues to deteriorate. She is already on the brink of death and no one knows if she will recover or not.

In previous chapters, fans saw Shigaraki mutate his body to grow multiple fingers at a monstrous rate. He destroyed Mirko’s prosthetic arm and leg, putting her in danger.

Although Mirko was able to hit Shigaraki with a powerful kick, she was caught by his mutated hand maw. Her right arm was ripped off and she was left with only one leg to hop around with.

The best jeanist caught Mirko in mid-air and tied cables around her amputated limbs to stop the bleeding. With his help, she managed to meet Shigaraki with Luna Rush on several occasions.

As My Hero Academia chapter 365 ends, Mirko remembers Edgeshot’s words about dying with regret. Your task is to hold Shigaraki until Bakugo’s operation is complete.

Mirko tells Shigaraki what she told Nomus in the Paranormal Liberation War. She said: People only die when it’s time for them to die. So does that mean that Mirko will die soon?

Meanwhile, in Chapter 364 of My Hero Academia, a possible solution was revealed how Bakugo can come back to life and survive, how EpicStream reported. However, this would require another hero to make the ultimate sacrifice to save him.

Thankfully, Edgeshot was willing to sacrifice his own life to revive Bakugo. Edgeshot’s quirk was to fold himself into small threads that he could use to enter a human’s body and control it from within.

This way he was able to put Bakugo’s heart back together. However, he had to stay inside him forever, making him the ultimate victim.

So can Edgeshot make it? Can he save Bakugo? And what about Mirko? Will she manage to survive Shigaraki’s wrath? My Hero Academia Chapter 364 has many questions to answer when it releases on Sunday, September 4th.