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My Hero Academia Chapter 358 release date, spoilers: Bakugo unleashes strongest move against Shigaraki

July 1, 2022

My Hero Academia Chapter 358 spoilers are now out, announcing a battle between Bakugo and Shigaraki. Titled The Man Who’s Just Improved A Little, Bakugo will unleash his strongest moves against the villain.

Fans can expect a Deku-centric chapter this time, but the fan-favorite protagonist will only appear in a flashback. Still, it looks like Bakugo, with his powerful attacks that he’s about to show off, will make Chapter 358 of My Hero Academia worth reading for any reader.

Warning! The following content is full of spoilers. Read at your own risk.

The spoilers are from Reddit and are maintained by Recent highlights released. It starts with Shigaraki surfing on the fingers and hands coming out of his body. One of those hands hits Suneater hard.

He asks if the heroes are just running away from him and not daring to fight him. Nejire manages to block the attack with a wave, knowing that the heroes must keep running to avoid being swallowed up by hands and fingers.

Jeanist is on the front lines and believes Shigaraki’s movement is part of his quirk. They must find Shigaraki’s corpse before something bad happens to them in My Hero Academia Chapter 358.

Shigaraki starts talking, relating how All for One’s quirks helped stabilize his body and that he is now beginning to adjust. This will make him stronger overall and add a bunch of new quirks.

Shigaraki’s speech infuriates Bakugo. Luckily he has a new weapon, several pistols coming out of his body and he starts shooting.

Bakugo has grown incredibly and has started thinking about all the heroes who give their all. He boldly approaches Shigaraki and uses his ultimate move, Howitzer Impact Cluster, against him.

Meanwhile, after the leaks give a good look at Bakugo’s new costume upgrade, many fans have been waiting for the release of My Hero Academia Chapter 358, according to SportsKeeda.

The new spoilers seem to indicate that the current arc’s focus has already shifted back to UA and the heroes’ battle against Shigaraki. It mainly focuses on Bakugo showing off his new weapon and attack.

However, it remains to be seen if she will have any effect on Shigaraki at all. Can Bakugo bring down Shigaraki or will he need the help of the other heroes? Find out when My Hero Academia Chapter 354 releases on Sunday, July 3rd.