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My Hero Academia Chapter 352 Release Date, Spoilers: The end of Shoto and Dabi’s fight

May 13, 2022

This week, fans will finally see the continuation of the fight between Shoto and Dabi in My Hero Academia Chapter 352. After the two-week break, viewers will see who will win this fight.

My Hero Academia Chapter 352 spoilers and raw scans are now out and it hints at Shoto’s great character development. Can he defeat his brother this time and become stronger than him?

Warning! The following content is full of spoilers. Read at your own risk.

SportsKeeda noted that the new chapter would begin with a flashback showing the night before the war. Shoto practices his special technique, which lights up his chest in a cross that Kaminari describes as cold fire.

Shoto reveals that this technique focuses on his heart to keep blood circulating evenly. Shoto can create a fire that doesn’t burn everything by applying Flashfire’s properties to both sides of his body.

Midoriya asks Shoto if he really wants to fight his brother, who responds that Dabi is the reflection of the Todoroki family’s sins. Shoto thinks he’s the one who has to stop him.

Shoto knows his father wants a perfect son who can back his fire with ice, but he does the opposite. He thanks Izuki and tells him that he now understands his power in My Hero Academia Chapter 352.

The scene then returns to the present. Shotos uses Freezing Blow: White Blade of Frosty Fire to cool Dabi down, causing him to realize his brother can withstand his flames and neutralize them with his attack.

But Shoto is too far away, loses his concentration and can’t use his phosphorus this time. Flames begin to erupt from the ground.

Dabi tells Shoto that the two are the extremes of superhuman society, destined to walk the same path. They are both consumed by the flames as Burnin’ reminds Shoto that they believe in what he stands for.

Shoto approaches Dabi to remind him that he can still change and to convince him to stop. He unleashes a new technique, the Great Frozen Torrent, and freezes almost the entire landscape.

The last panel shows the two as children and then returns to the present to show them standing motionless and frozen on the ground.

After fans had to wait for two weeks, My Hero Academia Chapter 352 will finally be released on Sunday May 15th, like EpicDope reported. After Kohei Horikoshi went on creative hiatus, followed by Shueisha’s publication hiatus during Golden Week, viewers will finally get the answers they’ve been waiting for.