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My Hero Academia Chapter 351 release date, spoilers: who will win between Dabi and Shoto?

April 21, 2022

The fight between Dabi and Shoto Todoroki will end in My Hero Academia Chapter 351. Who will succeed in the method they use to bring each other down?

Dabi and Shoto use the FlashFire Fist against each other. Now that this part is finally coming to an end, the other big fights could follow in My Hero Academia Chapter 351.

Three major battles are underway and the next to be seen could be in the Gunga Mountains. But if Kohei Horikoshi decides to stick with Dabi and Shoto’s fight, fans could see the result of the flashfire fist fight, SportsKeeda noted.

The Todoroki family battle has been introduced since the arrival of Dabi, so there’s no way this arc will end with just Toyo and Shoto. Endeavor stays at Gunga Mountain awaiting news of his sons’ fight.

Even if it doesn’t fit with the decision made at the hospital, it only makes sense. Following the status report, the new chapter could return to Gunga Mountain for one last look at that side of the story before focusing on other fights.

Deku is just beginning to understand the second user of the One For All. However, his quirk is not yet visible.

Spinner’s role in AFO’s plans hasn’t been revealed either. So it is expected that My Hero Academia Chapter 351 will show what will happen here.

My Hero Academia Chapter 350 revealed the mysterious past of Dabi and Toya, according to OtakuKart News. It all started in a police station where Garaki was being held captive.

The doctor assumed that since there were few guards in the area, the war had officially begun. Then a flashback takes readers to a time 11 years ago when Toya was burning alone on Sekoto Peak.

Garaki narrated that Daby was born with everything. After being burned, Toya woke up three years later with children around him.

He wanted to go back to his father, but All For One told him that every part of him changed after the fire. Dabi also told Shoto that he was returning home to be seen by his father.

But then he saw a picture of him in the shrine of her house. From there, he realized that his family believed he was dead and Toya was long dead.

Daby got angry and was ready to die in the fire. His new form was revealed when he melted down the statue of All Might.

My Hero Academia Chapter 351 will be released on Sunday April 24th.