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My Hero Academia Chapter 346 release date, spoilers: The fight against Shigaraki

March 4, 2022

My Hero Academia Chapter 346 Spoilers have finally dropped and the battle between the heroes and villains continues. However, Deku seems absent from action and everyone is worried about him.

First of all, Midoriya’s finger was wrapped in a string and someone pulled him through the warp. Who could that be? My Hero Academia Chapter 346 might reveal the answer and more.

Epic Dope has determined that fans are about to see the fight between Dabi and Todoroki. Although Dabi is Todoroki’s older brother, the latter received more rigorous training and attention from his father.

Therefore, there is a high probability that Todoroki will win the fight, while many hope that Dabi will live on. Will Todoroki finish off his brother?

Meanwhile, everyone ponders Deku’s sudden disappearance while he’s fighting Shigaraki. Now Bakugo has to face Shigaraki alone as Best Jeanist is also busy with another fight. Can Bakugo bring down Shigaraki?

Meanwhile, new chapter spoilers revealed that My Hero Academia Chapter 346 is the title A Super Hyper Broken Stage will wear, according to Recent Highlights. Tamaki, Mirko, Nejire, and Bakugo will emerge from the portal while Best Jeanist asks about Deku’s whereabouts and panics.

Bakugo hints that maybe Deku was pulled out by All for One. The next scene then shows Shigaraki with his white eyes.

Shigaraki will touch the ground and use his decomposition power. Best Jeanist will try to hold him with his huge wires and throw him to the ground.

But Shigaraki can free himself and tries to provoke Best Jeanist even more. Little does the villain know that an air fortress was built just to hold and defeat him.

Best Jeanist then reveals that they are aware of his power from the recent war. That’s why they created a special area to neutralize it.

However, responsibility for Shigaraki rests with Deku. But with his disappearance, fans will see how the other heroes will try to defeat Shigaraki.

Meanwhile, in My Hero Academia Chapter 345, Himiko challenged the villains to break open their cages. Daby managed it and taunted the heroes for not being able to hold her for even three seconds.

However, Bakugo said it only took them three seconds to push them into the warps. Then he yelled at the heroes to stuff the villains in.

But while he was distracted, a cord wrapped itself around one of Deku’s fingers and he was pulled through the fault. What would happen to Deku? Find out when My Hero Academia Chapter 346 releases on Sunday, March 6th.