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My Hero Academia Chapter 342 release date, spoilers: fans get to see Shigaraki in full development

January 25, 2022

My Hero Academia Chapter 342 could finally initiate the war and the great hunt. Fans can also see an update on Aoyama’s situation and Shigaraki’s development.

Aizawa is planning something about Aoyama and Shinsou, but the eraser hero hasn’t revealed it yet. So in My Hero Academia Chapter 342, the villains could be isolated and individual confrontations could happen.

Sports Keeda noted that the new chapter could finally begin the arc of mutant discrimination after Skeptic mentioned something about the new mutant angle. When this happens, Shoji will be in the spotlight.

The manga will be on hiatus for a week, so Kohei Horikoshi could use the time to make the new installment more detail-oriented. That means there could be more action than dialogue.

So there might be fight scenes that fans need to see. However, the battle between the heroes and the villains will not be included. Instead, there will be a look at the past war.

This could come from the memory of the second for all users, whose peculiarity Midoriya has yet to master. Also, Shigaraki might also appear in My Hero Academia Chapter 342 after the last panel of the previous chapter showed a close-up of his eye.

Does this mean that fans will see a fully developed Shigaraki soon? Readers who still remember the great villain, Twice, may know how the other villains will use what’s left of him (see Latest Highlights).

Toga used to have a good relationship with Twice. The antagonist could use that to exploit him.

The League of Villains has hatched a plan and Toga will play an important part in it. She can use another’s Quirk after drinking their blood.

But that only works if that person is close to her, like Twice. Toga proved he has the best ideas after drinking some of Twice’s blood before Machia took it from him.

The future vision he has makes him a formidable villain. So in the next chapter, fans will see how she’ll use Twice’s Quirk as part of her new plan.

MangaPlus has officially informed its readers that the release of My Hero Academia Chapter 342 will be delayed by one week due to Kohei Horikoshi going on creative hiatus. Instead, the new chapter will be out on Sunday February 6th, so fans will have to wait for it.