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My Hero Academia Chapter 311 release date and where to read it online

April 26, 2021

My Hero Academia Chapter 311 will not be released next week due to a weekly hiatus from the manga. We will see the chapter titled Maters and Pupil. In an unknown city, citizens panic when they see a monster appear in the middle of a storm. They started attacking the giant lady. The lady tells them that they misunderstand her and asks them to stop fighting with her. He begs them to stop as he does not want to do them any harm and has done nothing.

One of the citizens carrying a gun comments that he is trying to be nice to get them to drop the gun and then attack them. The girls say it’s not what they think. The guy fires a huge shot, but a stranger repels the attack and protects the giant lady. After a big explosion, the smoke clears and the guy who saves the giant lady is Izuku. Izuku told the lady to calm down because she was afraid of lightning and rain. He told the citizens that the lady was threatened, and they said that she must not wander in the dark in this appearance.

My Hero Academia Chapter 310 Spoilers

The giant lady reveals that she was left behind when they were evacuated. He also says that he decided to hide and wait until it was all over, but was scared when he saw the injured people. She decided to go to the School of Heroes to hide there, and the citizens began to attack her, thinking she was a monster. Izuku comments that everyone is scared, but wonders if the weather will change. He tells her that he has homework to do. But he left the lady safe after clearing up the misunderstandings.

When Izuku is about to leave, All Might arrives and asks him to protect this kady. All Might asks if she’s okay and she answers yes. Izuku says that he can’t afford to stay too long. All Might throws his food container at Izuku and tells him to take it. He comments that there is Tonkatsu in him to keep Izuku’s morale high.

Izyku thanks All Might, who told her to eat it before it spoiled. Later, Deku stands on top of the building and comments that they have slipped into darker days. Izuku contacts the One For All user who told him about the past. He realizes that the League, the Nomu, Dabi, All For One, and Shigaraki are nowhere to be found. Senior officials lack the manpower to adequately track down fugitives, and investigations are aimless.

The All For Ones quirk has been transformed into Shigaraki. Izuku realizes that Tomura was too strong to defeat him, even with the help of Endeavor and Sensei Aizawa. The One For All user tells Deku that the world is picking the bad guys. Izuku believes that he can stop everything by unleashing the full power of One For All. He comments: “Now you two are playing well, you hate cooperating with our successor.” Inside One For All Ream before Izuki woke up, the successor had a meeting.

They said Izuku needed their help to unleash his full power. The first user told the others that they are his heroes and that they need to help Izuku. Users talked about how Izuku fought against his enemies and how he created One For All. They decided to help him use the full power of One For All. In the present, the shadow of the users appears around Izuku’s body. He eats the food that Almighty has given him and prepares for the next step.

Release date of My Hero Academia Chapter 311 and where to read it online?

Chapter 311 of My Hero Academia will be released on Sunday, May 9, 2021. This manga releases new chapters every Sunday. Find out how Deku’s fight against Muscular ended in My Hero Academia Chapter 310, which premieres Sunday. These are the updates and highlights that we have been able to bring you. You can read My Hero Academia for free and official on VIZ and Shueisha’s Manga plus.