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Murder of Re’Mano Campbell: where are Eugenia Campbell and Alexander Williams now?

November 9, 2021

In October 2011, a young, loving father was found dead in his home in Prichard, Alabama. Although authorities believed Re’Mano Campbell was a target, it took more than two years for arrests to be made on the case. Investigation Discovery’s Diabolical: A Life of Lies focuses on the work it took to find Re’Mano’s killer and the cold-blooded scheme behind it. So let’s find out what happened in this case, yeah?

How did Re’Mano Campbell die?

Re’Mano Ray-Ray Campbell Sr. was 32 years old and lived in Prichard with his family. During his school days he was a gifted athlete. Re’Mano later served in the U.S. Army for about a decade, serving in Iraq, Germany, and Korea. He met Eugenia Singleton in 1998 while he was still in high school. The couple married in June 2002 and had three sons and a daughter. At the time of the incident, Re’Mano was working for an oil company, dividing his time between land and offshore.

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Sometime in the afternoon on October 12, 2011, Eugenia called 911 when she got home and found the door ajar and Re’Mano’s trunk lid open. The police entered the house and found Re’Mano right on the doorstep. He was struck down with 13 shots, suggesting a personal attack. Nothing of value was missing from the house and only two or three cartridge cases were found.

Who Killed Re’Mano Campbell?

According to the show, when she was first interviewed, 30-year-old Eugenia said she was staying with her sister when Re’Mano was out of town because of a break-in that happened about a week earlier. At that point a gun had disappeared from the house. It was the same type of weapon Re’Mano was used to kill. However, beyond this, the authorities had no further information and the investigation stalled.

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An inmate later reported to the authorities claiming that they had information about the case. It was one of Eugenia’s ex-boyfriends. According to him, Eugenia once asked him if he would kill Re’Mano. This brought attention back to Eugenia. Authorities also learned that she was having an affair with a man named Alexander Williams and had moved to Mississippi with him and their children. The two also had a child together.

The two fell out, however, whereupon Alexander moved in with two other roommates, who later turned to the police. They said Alexander confessed to Re’Mano’s murder and even mentioned that he dumped the magazine on him. More than two years after the murder, Alexander, 27, was arrested. He quickly confessed to the fact, saying that Eugenia was also involved. As soon as she knew Re’Mano was coming home, she dropped Alexander off at the apartment she shared with her husband.

There Alexander waited many hours for Re’Mano to come home and immediately shot him when he was inside reading the mail. Then Eugenia picked Alexander up from the house. Authorities believed they were trying to kill Re’Mano for the $ 200,000 life insurance policy benefiting Eugenia. Police also believed that Eugenia orchestrated the break-in that had occurred a few days earlier.

Where are Eugenia Campbell and Alexander Williams now?

After Alexander’s arrest and his confession, Eugenia was also taken into custody. The show said that while she admitted the act, she put the blame on Alexander for becoming possessive and threatening to kill Re’Mano. In the end, both pleaded guilty to the murder and were sentenced to life imprisonment in November 2016.

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According to the prison records, Eugenia Campbell is still being held at the Alabama Therapeutic Educational Facility in Columbiana, Shelby County. Alexander Williams, on the other hand, is serving his sentence at the Elmore Correctional Facility in Elmore County, Alabama. Both will be paroled in 2029.