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Mieruko Chan release date, plot, and more

June 5, 2021

Have you ever seen a mix of horror and comedy? In animation, it can be tricky. So here is the Mieruko Chan. It is the correct amount of what it contains. The manga launched in 2018 and now we have an animated version coming soon. Read the article for Mieruko Chan’s release date and more.

Mieruko Chan Release Date

Calming the nerves seems like a great option. The animated version will be released soon. But the date and time are not set yet. Officially, no one has released the spoilers or the date yet. Be sure to come back in a few days for updates.

Horror and comedy are a great combination. Terror brings the unknown out of the world and portrays fear. Comedy, on the other hand, keeps the atmosphere light and relaxed. Have you ever done something you didn’t like? To completely ignore something important?

Mieruko-Chan is a normal high school student. Well that’s what you might think. She is a girl who has ghosts. A ghost never leaves her. His defense? Ignorance. A normal person would be scared. But Mieruko-chan chooses to ignore him completely. She continues to live her life.

A girl feels and notices supernatural things. No one else knows and will anyone believe him? He decides to go about his daily life. The series will be produced by Passione Studio. You can see the trailer here.