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Mieruko Chan Episode 9 spoilers, recap, release date and time

November 24, 2021

Based on the manga series of the same name, Mieruko Chan is an ongoing anime series that is currently in its 1st season. Series. It’s a comedy-drama series that revolves around the life of the protagonist Miko and her surroundings when she gains the power to see ghosts.

Miko gains the unconventional ability to see ghosts, but because of her fear, she is unable to acknowledge their presence and goes on with her life as usual. She is placed in various situations from which she must free herself without alarming the ghosts. That leads to some fun developments. Let’s talk about the Mieruko Chan episode 9 spoilers, release date and time.

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Mieruko Chan Episode 8 Recap

In the rerun of Episode 8 of Mieruko Chan, Miko and Kyousuke visit the clothing store to buy a dress for their mother’s birthday. Miko tries the clothes on on her.

Trouble on the train

When Miko goes into the locker room, she sees a ghost who tells her that the dress fits her perfectly. She doesn’t react and gets out. Miko tells the shopkeeper that she is going to buy something.

The sibling duo get on the train to go home. Miko sees a grim reaper-like ghost slicing open one at a time. Although he doesn’t physically harm anyone, she becomes frightened. When it is her turn, she tries to stay calm and composed. Your station arrives and you leave.

New teacher

Arai Sensei will be on paternity leave starting tomorrow. Miko sees a ghost buzzing around her stomach, trying to tell her to be careful. Miko thinks to herself that she has to do something about these ghosts.

She thinks she could confront her with the things Godmother and Julia are doing. Miko wants to take a firm stand and prevent all of these things from happening. She goes to the vending machine where a ghost is present, but again fails to confront it. The next day, in the classroom, she discovers that they will have a new class teacher named Toono Zen.

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Mieruko Chan Episode 9 spoilers

In Mieruko Chan episode 9 spoilers, it’s festival and Hana buys a yakisoba bread to eat. Miko tries to remember where she saw her new class teacher. Hana also says that he resembles someone she’s seen before.

Protect from ghosts

Every time Miko looks at the new teacher, several ghosts appear around him. She realizes that she needs to do this on a regular basis. When Miko goes to the bathroom, she is surprised, but comes out with a clever plan.

During the lunch break, she, Hana and Yuria eat their meal together. Miko tells Yuria not to have lunch alone in the toilet and eats with them. When she looks at the teacher again, a ghost behind her tells her not to look. She bursts into tears.

Creepy house

The next day the trio Miko, Hana and Julia decide to visit the house of horrors. As they enter, they encounter a false ghost. As always, Miko does not react particularly well, but both Hana and Julia are frightened. With every ghost they encounter, everyone except Miko becomes frightened.

Miko realizes that she can pretend that she is scared as they are not real ghosts and begins to enjoy the visit as she can relive her feelings for the first time. When she goes out, she sees a real ghost among the false ghosts and asks him to leave her alone. Everyone leaves the house and receives their prize.

Watch Mieruko Chan Episode 9 Online

Mieruko Chan episode 9 is available for streaming for free YouTube available. You will be able to check them out on Muse Asia’s channel once they are posted.

Mieruko Chan episode 9 release date and time

This is Mieruko Chan’s episode 9 release date and time.

  • Japan – 10:00 PM, November 28
  • USA / Canada – 8:00 AM, November 28
  • India – 6:30 PM, November 28th
  • UK – 2:00 PM, November 28th
  • Europe (CES) – 3:00 PM, November 28th

When will Miko be able to face these ghosts? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. For more Mieruko Chan updates, don’t forget to follow us on social media.