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Michelle Obama reveals dark times of marriage to Barack Obama despite being a picture perfect couple

December 30, 2022

For many, Michelle and Barack Obama’s marriage is a dream come true. But behind the spotlight, the former first lady admitted they’re a couple like any other — they fight, and for the first decade of their marriage, she couldn’t even stand her husband.

Despite accompanying him through every step of his political career, Michelle revealed there was a time when she didn’t want to campaign with him, let alone vote for him. But their 30-year marriage proves that together they can endure anything.

During a panel discussion on Revolt TV, the 58-year-old revealed loudly Page Sixthat they had unequal burdens in the early days of their marriage. At that time they were raising two small children and she felt that she was doing the heavy work while her husband was busy with the work.

For the first ten years, she couldn’t stand Barack, and what annoyed her even more was that he found time to golf or travel for work while she did her best to balance her life as a mother and a lawyer .

During those years they both tried to build their careers while thinking about school and who would do this and who would do that. From then on, she couldn’t help feeling that things weren’t balanced.

For Michelle, the marriage wasn’t 50/50, it was 70/30, and most of it came from her. But now that they’ve been married for 30 years, she’d rather take 10 bad years than 30.

The couple met in 1989. At the time, they both worked in a law firm in Chicago. The former US President developed an instant crush on Michelle, while she seemed uninterested.

She rejected him several times, but Barack didn’t give up until he finally convinced her to give him a chance. They ended up falling in love and getting married in 1992.

After six years, they had their first daughter, Malia, and two years after the birth of their eldest, their second child, Sasha. For years, their marriage was marked by late-night arguments and arguments.

She once told him it wasn’t what she signed up for because she felt like she was all alone. Things got worse as he rose in the US government and his wife wanted nothing to do with it.

She was reluctant when Barack decided to run for President, but finally agreed when she realized the impact he could have on young black children if he became the first black president of the United States.

But tensions grew steadily while they were in the White House due to the immense pressure to do everything right and to be present in every moment. Barack, too, was more focused on his work than his family.

But despite all the problems, Michelle and Barack never gave up on their marriage. Amid the darkest times of their connection, they never failed to show respect for one another.