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Meghan Markle’s alleged result of staff bullying casts a bad light on all sides, the royal correspondent claims

June 27, 2022

Queen Elizabeth II is reportedly not planning to release the report on Meghan Markle’s alleged bullying of royal staff after the palace investigated the matter. A royal correspondent believes that publishing the results would reflect badly on all sides.

Royal correspondent Jack Royston was a guest on The Royal Report podcast to discuss the decision not to publish the outcome of the investigation into Meghan Markle’s alleged staff bullying. As it stands, he seemed to find this decision fitting.

He said if the report were released it would be a complete bloodbath on all sides express. No one would do even remotely well if they were published.

He then explained that Buckingham Palace could take a look and thought it would make them look awful and appalling. If every single fact and allegation came out, I just think it would be a total mud fight and everyone would be covered in mud, he added.

Former Kensington Palace staff had accused Meghan Markle of harassing them after leaked email exchanges between former Palace press secretary Jason Knauf and Prince William’s private secretary. Prince Harry’s wife’s team was quick to label the bullying allegations a smear campaign, especially as it came days before the Sussexes’ controversial interview with Oprah Winfrey last year.

An investigation into the alleged bullying was launched. But just last week it was announced that Queen Elizabeth would not release the details of the report, in what some royal pundits called a blow to Meghan Markle.

Newsweek adding that the results could have exploded in any direction. But the ongoing speculation on social media claimed the report may have been kept private because it exonerated the former actress of the allegations.

The publication went on to say that the disclosure risks triggering a new war that both sides could be drawn into, whatever the results reveal. Most of the staff who worked for Meghan Markle at the time are no longer at the Palace and may have untold stories that have not yet been published.

Even if they have confidentiality agreements, there is no guarantee that they will not disclose anything to the media if they feel their former boss has been unfairly exonerated.

Alternatively, Megham Markle reportedly made it clear through a friend that she is happy to keep receipts and one of the employees allegedly being bullied had to go for gross misconduct. No one knew what this person was accused of, meaning there were also allegations against palace staff that were not made public.