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Meghan Markle is reportedly under pressure for Kate Middleton’s presence in the US

December 20, 2021

Kate Middleton is set to grace the front page of a major US magazine for her 40th birthday, and that’s reportedly affecting Meghan Markle. A royal expert claims that Prince Harry’s wife is now feeling the pressure of the Duchess of Cambridge in the American country.

It would be the fourth time Kate has graced the front of a glossy entertainment magazine in the past 12 months. It was also her second solo outing that reportedly put Meghan under pressure.

Royal writer and biographer Daniela Elser revealed that despite the noise of leaving the monarchy, the Duchess of Sussex still hasn’t had a solo cover, The News reported. She accused royalty of hosting institutional races and ignoring her calls for help for her mental health without giving her a single solo cover.

The birth of her second child, Lilibet, and the start of a new career after the Megxit also didn’t get her on the front pages of major US magazines. Elser claimed that their lack of star reckoning painted a not-so-glamorous picture of the Sussexes’ campaign in the American country to establish themselves as glamorous public figures.

Sure, the People cover doesn’t prove the public’s reputation or approval. Still, it cannot be denied that Kate is also steadily expanding its presence outside the UK. Elser even revealed that the Windsors could attack the United States again in 2022.

Prince William will be on the other side of the Atlantic to award the Earthshot Prize in 2022, the Express said. So public interest in the Windsors in the US means Americans don’t have to buy their version of the events from the Sussexes just yet.

Kate’s cover on People is supposed to be proof that she is also selling well in the US and has a positive place in the hearts and minds of Americans.

Meanwhile, previous reports have revealed that the Cambridges will be visiting the US for their environmental initiative, the Earthshot Prize. According to People, the couple will host the second ceremony in said country next year.

After receiving the global environmental award in London in November, the Duke of Cambridge said this was just the beginning. At that time, he was already excited that their initiative would finally reach the US in 2022, and they wanted to spread their important message of urgency, optimism and action further.

The urgency of the situation cannot be overestimated, he said. Still, with the Earthshot Prize, Kate’s husband wanted to show people around the world that there is a reason to be hopeful.