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Marvel movies in order how to watch all 34 mcu movies and series chronologically

May 25, 2022

There are currently 28 films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with more in the pipeline. They all take place in the same universe and are connected through characters, events and settings. So it’s not surprising that you don’t know how they all fit together and what order you should watch them in. The 2012 Marvel film The Avengers broke new ground by merging disparate heroes from their respective films (Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man, Chris Evans’ Captain America, and Chris Hemsworth’s Thor) into a single team-up film , before breaking them up into their own sequels. Of course, this type of narrative had existed in comics before, but telling a continuous story across multiple films, with a variety of tones and characters, was new and remains a mine of fascinating stories and characters.

However, as the MCU has grown in size, so has its complexity. Some films are set in parallel universes, but at the same time as what is happening on Earth. Some films are set in the distant past.

If you’re wondering how to watch the Marvel movies in order, we have a solution for you. We’ve listed two ways to watch below: Marvel Movies in Chronological Order and Marvel Movies in the Order They Released in Theaters. Either way is highly recommended and the best way to watch this series if you’re in the mood to binge. We also have a list of how to watch the Marvel Disney Plus programs in order below.

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Order of Marvel movies

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There are two basic techniques for creating a Marvel film chronology. In the first variant, the films are listed in the order of their release dates, starting with IRON MAN. In the second variant, the Marvel films are arranged chronologically according to the events of the individual films. In addition, it might be helpful CAPTAIN MARVELS putting THE FIRST AVENGER at the top of the priority list and ordering the third phase films differently. Here’s our current pick for things to see when the Marvel movies come out.

Marvel Movie Start Order

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First of all, here’s how to watch the Marvel movies in release order. It’s important to realize that the Marvel films are divided into phases, with the end of a phase usually signaling the end of a previously established story arc. Consequently, the emergence of new and notable characters marks the beginning of a phase.

Stages 1 through 4 are discussed in the order in which they appeared. WandaVision/Falcon, The Winter Soldier/Loki and more characters are included. No, they’re not movies, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe is growing rapidly, and the Disney Plus episodes have become just as important.

Captain America’s story begins during World War II, but when he wakes up in modern New York, it’s the late 2000s. The second character he encounters is Nick Fury. It’s not the first time we’ve met the former leader of SHIELD, however; we’ve already seen him in the 2008 film Iron Man, set before the events of Captain America: Civil War.

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We prefer to watch the Marvel movies in the order in which they were released, so we’re doing it chronologically. Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will see the films their own way, and some will even watch them in marathon sessions to go through them in one go. We think the answer to the question of how to watch the Marvel movies in order is simple: watch them in the order in which they were released.

The majority of Marvel films take place one after the other, however, some record events that occur simultaneously with those in other films. For example, “Thor: Ragnarok” and “Ant-Man and the Wasp” both take place around the same period, with both films building up to “Avengers: Infinity War.”

The Infinity Saga, which begins with “Iron Man” and finishes with “Avengers: Endgame,” is made up of three phases in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Disney+ series “WandaVision” kicked off Phase Four, which also contains “Black Widow” and “Shang-Chi.”

Here’s how You May Watch the MCU Films in Chronological Order:

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  • The First Avenger, Captain America
  • Marvel’s Captain
  • iron man
  • Hulk the Incredible
  • Iron Man 2
  • Thor
  • The Avengers from Marvel
  • Ironman 3
  • The Dark World of Thor
  • The Winter Soldier, Captain America
  • Avengers: Infinity War
  • Vol. 2 of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise
  • Age of Ultron (Avengers)
  • Ant Man
  • Civil War: Captain America
  • Widow Black
  • Spider-Man: The Return
  • Panther Black
  • Strange Doctor
  • Ragnarok, Thor
  • The Wasp and Ant-Man
  • Infinity War (Avengers)
  • Avengers: Infinity War
  • Far From Home (Spider-Man)
  • Eternals
  • The Legend of the Ten Rings and Shang Chi
  • Spider-Man: No Return
  • Doctor Strange in the Madness Multiverse

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Is It Better to Watch Marvel Movies in Order of Release?

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While the general plot makes sense in any order, if you’re watching the MCU for the first time, you should definitely start with the most recent films. Not only is this the chronological order in which the films were released, it also shows the progression and refinement of the MCU narrative as Marvel Studios sorted out the flaws and mastered how to produce a Marvel film.

However, once you’ve seen most or all of the Marvel films, watching them in that order is a rewarding experience. It doesn’t impact the plot, and it’s odd to see Captain Marvel so early in the franchise and then have to wait 20 films for Brie Larson’s character to be addressed again. But it does allow one to appreciate how well Marvel’s previous films have integrated into the current storyline.