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Martial Peak Chapter 1371 release date and forecast

August 5, 2021

Martial Peak Chapter 1371 Release Date and Forecast

Let’s find out more about martial artists in the latest chapter of Martial Peak Chapter 1371. A young martial artist’s journey continues as he travels through different countries: Yang Kai departed from the celestial starting point for the neighboring kingdom. Later, in the Holy Land of the Nine Heavens, two martial artists fought, and whoever uses yellow magic tells whoever uses red to surrender. The two argue over who is more powerful between them. The yellow magic user tells his brother Zhang Yuan why he is sweating, and Zhang replies that his younger brother uses the Thunder Dragon.

Ling Tai Xu watches the match between the two brothers and wonders where Yang Kai is. The title of the chapter is “Arrangements”. Kai arrives and apologizes for keeping the boys waiting. He wonders if the fight has started, and Zhang comments that Young Saint Master Yang Kai is too polite, but that they were having a friendly competition. Yang Kai is glad that it’s not a real fight and why they should fight when they both live under the same blue sky. A lady who likes Kai confronts him and reminds him that he has not visited her for a long time.

She tells him that he has become much more attractive as a man. Kai wonders why she always calls him nephew Martial, and he decides to call her Aunt Martial. The lady tells Kai that Cang Yan, Li Wan, and Fei Jian are all here with the Martial Ancestor, and that he must act with more dignity. Kai confronts the Martial Ancestor and greets him saying that he is Young Kai. Ancestor Martial tells Kai to stop being polite, and he is proud of Kai as he travels around the world, and the taste for promoting the cult can be handed over to Kai.

Martial Peak Chapter 1370 Highlights

The twin sisters call on Yong Kai to join them, but Kai is busy with the Ancestor of Martial Arts. Kai realizes that the Martial Ancestor is kind and that they need his advice and guidance from the Grand Master. After finishing martial arts, Kai joins up with the twin sister and realizes that they were still young when he saw them. The older one reveals that she is Jaio’er and the other says that she is Mei’er. Kai wonders if the two of them intend to stay at the castle. The two wonder how Kai can take them all.

Kai shows them teleportation spells and asks if they don’t want to relax. He uses this spell to lead a group of people to the Little Sealed World. Jai and Mei feel relaxed since they do not have to take over the tasks of the castle. Mei comments that the world sealed by energy is prosperous, one hundred times more than the average of the Tong Xuan Kingdom. Citizens notice something and wonder what is happening.

Kingdom of the legendary holy king

Mei asks Kai about the flying thing that looks like a spaceship, and Zhang sees a group of people. Zheng asks Kai if he knows these people and they find out that it is a spaceship. Guys come out of the stellar hip. Yang Kai, along with his people, realize that these people are in the realm of the legendary Holy King. Kai tells his people not to be afraid because these guys are disciples of his sect. They call Kai Disciple Grand Master of the Sect and show their respect by nodding their heads.

Kai realizes that Liu Ping is doing too much and reminds him that there are people out there. He tells the trio that when he leaves her, he will take new people with him. The trio agree to take care of Kai’s people. Martial Ancestor and Aunt Martial arrive, and they are happy that Kai led them to a different environment. Kai tells them that the disciples are going to leave, but that he will come to see them later. The disciples will help everyone when they are not there.

The two of them told Kai to leave regardless. Later, Kai teleports to another dimension. The older sister confronted Kai and told him that she was looking for him. Kai tells him to help him find Elder Li, and the girls use a jutsu to locate Man Li. They hold hands and walk towards Man Li using a spell. The chapter ends with the two traveling to Man Lin’s house.

Martial Peak Chapter 1371 Release Date

The release date for Martial Peak Chapter 1371 is August 4, 2021. This manga releases a new chapter every day and up to five chapters per day. We don’t have an official website to read the latest Martial Peak chapters, but we will update new Martial Peak chapter updates every week.