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Mars Red Episode 5 Release Date

April 28, 2021

The vampire’s plan is still ongoing, with ideas coming from Yoshinobu and the scientist Takeuchi. The plan is to end the slaughter of humans by a clan of vampires. But they have already lost one of their precious soldiers, Moriyama. Nakajima told Yoshunobu to end this as all humans end up turning into vampires. Yoshinobu realizes that his new plan to turn soldiers into vampires to protect humans is delayed. He decides to train the soldiers himself with the help of Takeuchi’s science.

At night, Yoshinobu trains for combat with Kurusu. Yoshinobu realizes that Kurusu is not giving it his all. He told him to show his true powers or he would end up losing all his friends. He also told her to avoid being human and to unleash her new vampire powers. Kurusu agrees, and his eyes turn red and go into vampire mode. He rushes at full speed receiving a powerful blow and a sword blow that reverts him to his human form.

Previously on Mars Red Episode 4

Kurusu wonders why his vampire form was defeated in two hits so easily. Yoshinobu withdraws his sword from Kurusu’s heart, which falls to the ground. He reminds Kurusu that he is an immortal vampire, but fails to defeat a normal human. Kurusu’s miraculous heart regenerates and rises, but another soldier arrives and tells Yoshinobu that the body was found in Yoshiwara. The soldier also tells Yoshinobu that he is a vampire, and Yoshinobi replies that he is on his way.

Yoshinobu tells Kurusu that he should be the reserve unit tonight. In the morning, Yoshinobu arrives at Yoshiwara. He discovers that the vampire was a prostitute named Otama. One of the soldiers comments that they were called due to the discoloration of the body. Yoshinobu examines the body and tells the soldiers that he will send Zero out tonight. Meanwhile, Aoi discovers that her article on Yoshiwara’s poisoning is missing. He wonders who deleted it and asks his boss about it.

Her boss tells her that her readers are trendy girls who are looking for trends. They are not interested in a dead prostitute and it is unusual for her. Aoi points out that it could be a secret or forbidden love. The boss responds that the story has been silenced by the above. Aoi asks him what he’s talking about and who’s doing this. The boss reveals that he is talking about the military and that he does not want to be beaten. That is why he keeps this story a secret and should not be published.

The boss tells Aoi to go back to work and they will meet later at the Imperial Hotel. He reveals that there will be a completion ceremony in September. A cosmetics dealer will advertise a line of British perfumes in the game room. Aoi asks if she can charge the newspaper for roast beef at the Imperial Hotel. The boss tells him to stop being silly because he knows they could get in trouble if they mess with powerful people. Nakajima had a meeting with his friend, who told him that he was the one who manipulated Yoshiwara’s story.

He reveals that he did this to help Nakajima and his friend said that the Vampire Unit plan is the biggest money pot. He advises Nakajima to freeze it. Nakajima’s friend comments that he plans to reduce the entire army by 10,000 men. Nakajima asks him if he gives up the plan to integrate them into the secret service.

His friend replies that this is his last year and that if it does not produce notable results, Special Forces Unit 16 will disband. At night, Yoshinobu and his team travel to Yoshiwara to investigate vampires. They discover that the villagers are celebrating a festival and that the Suwas have decided to dress like them. Yoshinobu tells them that he will have to go there and find the vampire. Later, the vampires get out of hand and Yoshinobu scolds his team for loitering. But Suwa finds a girl who was bitten by a vampire.

Mars Red Episode 5 Release Date

The latest episode 5 of Mars Red will be released on Tuesday, April 4, 2021. Mars Red will be available on its official platforms worldwide. You can watch Mars Red online, Funimation and animelab.