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Love Island USA Season 1: Where are they now? who else is together

December 31, 2022

The dating reality show Love Island USA, which is adapted from the British reality series of the same name, premiered in July 2019. Season 1 of the show took place in a luxurious villa in Fiji and lasted over five weeks.

In Season 1, the contestants were very competitive and emotional because they were obsessed with finding their true love and winning the show together. Be it Zac and Elizabeth’s commitment to each other despite numerous distractions, Weston’s long journey to find his perfect match in Emily, or the challenges every couple faces when new islanders move in, Season 1 was packed with action and drama. This made for fascinating and compelling reality television, enhanced by the challenges and interpersonal dynamics of the cast. A lot of time has passed since the end of Season 1, so naturally one wonders what has become of the couples on the show. If you’re curious too, here’s everything we know.

Are Emily and Weston still together?

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Weston Richie appeared on the show’s first day and attempted to form relationships with a few women, including Mallory, Katrina, and Kelsey. But things changed for Weston when Emily Salch joined the contestants in episode 15. Even though he was already hooked up to Kelsey, she asked him out. And when Emily chose Weston at the next re-coupling session, he accepted her choice and took part in the rest of the show with her. Weston and Emily seemed to form a strong bond and placed fourth in the finals of the competition.

Even after the show, they continued their relationship for a few more months before finally breaking up in the first half of 2020. Emily posted on Instagram that she was spending Valentine’s Day alone, confirming the news. In a May 14 YouTube video, she also opened up about the split, mentioning that they went on hiatus in November and January, and adding that they literally weren’t a good match. Today, Weston is a video content creator and creative brand developer who primarily works as a photographer. Emily is now a travel content creator on Instagram and also OnlyFans where she promotes her brand and showcases her adventures.

Are Caro and Ray still together?

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Caroline Viehweg, who appeared on the show on day one, tried to pair up with a couple of boys until week 3. Then came Raymond Gantt as a newcomer, courting Caro with his constant compliments. Caro, who is a popular islander, was struck by Ray’s approach and his appreciation for her and her baby voice. They were also given the opportunity to spend a night in hiding, which further strengthened their bond. Eventually they struck up a relationship and lasted through to the finals, which they finished in third place. The two lovebirds then had a great relationship beyond their screen presence.

Unfortunately, they separated in July 2020, mainly because of incompatibility issues. Speaking about their breakup in a YouTube video, Caro said she just didn’t feel like he was as committed to the relationship as I was. Ray, on the other hand, saw things differently, even if they parted amicably. He mentioned that Caro needed more attention from her significant other compared to everyone else, and Ray was friends with all of his friends. Today, Caro is a model for FashionNova and a social media influencer. Ray then became a regular participant in reality shows such as The Amazing Race and Ex On The Beach.

Are Alexandra and Dylan still together?

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Alexandra was initially attracted to Michael, but she had hoped to have a better relationship. On day 4, Dylan arrived and asked Alexandra to accompany him to the villa for his first date. At the matchmaking ceremony that followed, Alexandra chose to stay with him, and the two stayed together throughout the season. On Day 28, the couple began dating and placed second in the season finale. Though the two seemed to form an inseparable bond, sadly Alexandra and Dylan split in November 2019.

Dylan explained the split by saying, Alex and I are no longer together. Sometimes it just doesn’t work. Her injured jaw after the show must also have played a part, she thinks, as she thinks Dylan might have gotten tired of caring by the end. Now Alexandra hosts a podcast called ‘After The Island’ which she believes to be the unofficial after show and has joined the official ‘Love Island’ podcast which is interviewed by author Matthew Hoffman. Dylan currently plays lacrosse for the San Diego Lacrosse Club.

Are Elizabeth & Zac still together?

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From day one, Zac Mirabelli and Elizabeth Weber were tied to each other. On day 12, they became boyfriend and girlfriend and were able to stay together until they became the winner. Even during matchmaking sessions, they did not consider choosing another and were not concerned that the other might find a new mate. When he won the final, he chose the blank envelope while Elizabeth chose to split her $100,000 win with Zac to complete the game.

Shockingly, however, the couple only dated for a few months before splitting after the show in December 2019. After the amicable split, they both issued a statement in which Elizabeth said: Unfortunately, Zac and I have decided to go our separate ways… While I wish things had gone differently, life doesn’t always work the way we do we sometimes hoped for. Zac also made a statement: The split was amicable and we broke up amicably. We just wanted different things. Since then, Zac has dabbled in YouTube, posting short vlogs. He has been working as a model for the luxury clothing brand Raffi since 2021. Elizabeth co-hosts the podcast ‘After The Island’ with Alexandra and volunteers with animal welfare organization ‘I Stand With My Pack’.