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LOONA Comeback 2023: BlockBerry Creative confirms the return of the girls with the recently removed Chuu

December 7, 2022

BlockBerry Creative confirmed LOONA’s return in January 2023 after the news broke on Wednesday, December 7th. However, fans seem divided on whether the girl group will return with 10 or 11 members following Chuu’s departure.

BlockBerry Creative officially released a statement after the comeback claims spread like wildfire online. Will the fans see the LOONA members on the same stage again next year?

The company representative informed the media about AllKpop that it’s true that the girls have started preparing for their comeback. However, the spokesman could not reveal the exact timeframe of their return, as this is still unconfirmed.

Once the schedule is confirmed, we plan to make an announcement, the spokesperson concluded.

Multiple media outlets also claimed that after Chuu’s exit, LOONA would return as a group of 11 instead of 10. If true, it will mark the first time the girls have performed together after Chuu was kicked out of the group last month.

In November, BlockBerry Creative released a statement following Chuu’s expulsion. The latter was removed from the group for allegedly using violent language and abuse of power towards an employee.

The agency clarified that she did not harm Chuu and the reason for her removal was not exposure. She also stressed that she didn’t want to put the female idol in a bad light, as some published articles claimed that Chuu is not a nice person.

She went on to say that she had already explained the reason for Chuu’s removal and confirmed the incident between her and the employee. Therefore, the company asks everyone not to publish speculative reports without any evidence and with malicious comments and rumors defaming both BlockBerry Creative and Chuu.

She also promised to provide more information and evidence on the matter if Chuu and the victim agree. She also urged everyone to refrain from indiscriminate and unfounded speculative reports that the remaining LOONA members were not injured by the incident and can resume their activities as if nothing happened.

BlockBerry Creative denied rumors that Chuu had previously signed with another agency. There were reports back in October that she had started her own agency, after which the firm said the rumors about her move were unfounded.

Alternatively, Chuu released her own statement on Instagram, thanking fans for their concern and comfort. She then explained that she had not received a call about the situation and knew nothing about it.

Therefore, she only grasped the situation and emphasized that she had not done anything that would hurt her fans. Chuu then promised to release a new statement when she finally confirmed the situation.