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Leonardo DiCaprio Welcomes 2023 With His Alleged New Flame Victoria Lamas: What’s Really Going On Between The Two?

January 2, 2023

Leonardo DiCaprio and his new alleged flame, Victoria Lamas, welcomed in 2023 together over the weekend in St. Barts. The two were back together, although they still had company. What’s really going on between the two?

Llamas are DiCaprio’s new flame after they’ve been spotted together multiple times in just a month. Now they have been spotted partying on a yacht to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Many claim the pair are just friends, but this is their fourth time hanging out in less than a month. They were with the actor’s known friends Drake and Tobey Maguire.

The latest meeting came after the two were spotted having dinner at a restaurant last month. Although the 48-year-old is known for enjoying dating younger women, as young as 25, a source told Page Sixthat their first meeting wasn’t a date.

It just so happened that they sat next to each other at a large group dinner. Although they were in the same car, they were also in the vehicle with several other people.

Meanwhile, Victoria’s father, Lorenzo Lamas, has spoken out on the matter, telling The Post (via Yahoo!) explains that his daughter was in love with DiCaprio. He knew that she liked him very much and revealed that they only met last month.

The 64-year-old admitted he wasn’t sure of the circumstances and only knew what his child had told him. Amid the growing rumors between the two, the Falcon Crest star advised his child to treat the relationship like a vacation and enjoy it for as long as it can.

If their romance extends beyond a typical vacation, then it will be great. If not, Lorenzo has asked Victoria to take care of her heart because she is still very young.

He also told her that there would be absolutely no transatlantic cruises with DiCaprio. Still, he’s happy for her because it’s been a while since she’s had a serious relationship.

He went on to say that Victoria has a big heart and tends to give it freely. But he clarified that Victoria and DiCaprio are just friends and aren’t in a serious relationship.

They met in a social setting, not a romantic one, and despite their many outings, they’re not exclusive together. Victoria is one of the three daughters of Lorenzo and his ex-wife, Playboy Playmate Shauna Sand. Alternatively, DiCaprio split from longtime partner Camila Morrone in August and has been living his best single life ever since.