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Lee Sun Bin rejects false media reports accusing her of lying in court

January 4, 2023

Lee Sun Bin woke up to seeing false reports about her, accusing her of lying in court during a trial about her former agency, Wellmade Yedang, now known as WYD Entertainment. The Work Later, Drink Now 2 star couldn’t help but berate the media outlets for spreading this fake news in a post on Instagram on Wednesday, January 4th.

First of all, in 2017, Lee Sun Bin became involved in the lawsuit between Wellmade Yedang and its former president named A. Another lawsuit followed in 2021 when A sued WYD Entertainment President B and because she was the agency’s artist, she was called as a witness.

Now, The Fact has published an article revealing that the actress is under fire for allegedly giving different testimonies during said two trials. The 28-year-old denied the claim and responded to the allegations in a post on Instagram.

What the hell is going on so early in the morning? she began her speech via AllKpop. She went on to say that if she did indeed lie in court, she should have received her statutory sentence by now.

She then accused the publication of trying to attract attention with a controversial headline about her. The singer also addressed the article’s claim that the company didn’t go public about her, stressing that the article should first research things about the agency, the processes and them before publishing such reports.

In another post, Lee Sun Bin shared another article published by News1 in 2019, which said that Wellmade Yedang, which changed its name to Imagine Asia at the time, went public on embezzlement allegations, not her.

In other news, the Mission: Possible star recently graced Allure Korea Magazine for their January 2023 issue alongside Super Junior’s Choi Siwon. In the accompanying interview by soompi was released, the two spoke about posing for a picture together for the first time.

Choi Siwon had nothing but good things to say about Lee Sun Bin’s professionalism and said he was surprised to see his screen partner after her pictures turned out so well. The latter, of course, returned the compliment and revealed that although she felt their faces perfectly matched on the small screens, it took her a lot of effort to achieve his gorgeous features.

Lee Sun Bin and Choi Siwon are currently starring together in Work Later, Drink Now 2, which is coming to a close.