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Lee Seung Gi wants to start over with his own agency after legal battle with Hook Entertainment

December 30, 2022

The year is coming to an end and Lee Seung Gi will restart his career with a new label. The singer/actor has signed to his own agency Human Made after leaving Hook Entertainment following a legal battle.

Hook claimed to have paid Lee Seung Gi everything they owed him, but the latter had already decided to switch to another agency. Now he is part of the one-man agency he successfully founded last summer.

Human Made released about AllKpop issued an official statement to announce the 35-year-old’s move. It said the artist has decided to continue his promotion under the company and is honored to share the good news with his fans.

The hitmaker is on the verge of a fresh start, and the company has pledged to provide him with any support he needs on the new path that lies ahead. It also revealed that it made a significant donation to Seoul University Children’s Hospital for the children’s good health and bright future.

Lee Seung Gi vowed to donate all of his unpaid earnings from Hook. In addition, Human Made and the Idol would continuously strive for good, honest and sincere promotions, true to their slogan For Human, By Human.

The move came after the K-pop star had a legal battle with his longtime agency. In May he decided to part ways with Hook after 17 years to start his own company and Human Made was born.

After a month, Human Made partnered with Hook, with Lee Seung Gi signing a management deal with his former label. In November, it was revealed that he had sent a certificate of contents to Hook asking for transparent disclosure of his unpaid earnings.

Dispatch then reported that Lee Seung Gi never received any digital music revenue from the company, which Hook initially denied. His legal representatives then released another statement to deny Hook’s allegations.

Hook’s CEO later apologized and announced that she took full responsibility for the incident. On December 1, Lee Seung Gi canceled his contract with Hook, and on December 16 the label announced that it had already paid out any unpaid earnings to his former talent.

He recently sued Hook, its CEO, and its directors for embezzlement and fraud. A detailed statement from his legal representatives said their client learned through a recent report that Hook’s former and current directors had cheated him and withheld a portion of his earnings as an advertising model.

They also claimed that Lee Seung Gi had never entered into an agreement with Hook regarding music fees and payments, and that there was a huge discrepancy between the amount he was given and the amount he had to pay. Without notice, the company simply sent him 4.81 billion won, or about $3.8 million, as overdue payments for his music and advertising revenue. It then filed a confirmation of non-existence of a debt action against him.