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Lee Jong Suk, IU romance: Fans analyze the meaning of ‘Kang Dan I’ in the new couple’s relationship

January 2, 2023

Lee Jong Suk wrote a letter to his fans to personally confirm his romance with IU after Dispatch revealed the great relationship on New Year’s Day. In his letter, he mentioned the name Kang Dan I and compared the singer-songwriter to this character. So who is she and what does she mean to their relationship?

Lee Jong Suk couldn’t help but get sentimental as he wrote his letter to fans and opened up about his romance with IU. After revealing that a part of his heart always belonged to the actress, he said that she was like Kang Dan I to him.

Though it may be puzzling to some, K-drama fans know how to solve this riddle perfectly. They even consider it a romantic admission from the 33-year-old actor.

Kang Dan I is the name of the female lead character in the 2019 K-drama Romance is a Bonus Book, played by Kee Na Young. She is a strong woman who can overcome obstacles in life and at work.

Sure, IU fits that description, but it’s about more than just personal qualities. The fans of the series revealed about Koreaboothat Lee Jong Suk’s character in the series, Cha Eun Ho, had a crush on Kang Dan I for a long time.

Therefore, many believe that just like Cha Eun Ho, he has had a crush and love for IU for a long time, but the situation broke them up. Still, they end up getting together, just like the characters on the show.

The news that IU and Lee Jong Suk are dating was broke on December 31 by soompi released. They have reportedly been dating for four months, having met at Inkigayo a decade ago.

The two have been friends ever since, but their friendship eventually turns romantic. Dispatch even claimed they spent Christmas together in Nagoya, Japan, enjoying a three-day vacation at a luxury resort.

The Big Mouth star is said to have personally planned their trip, flying IU and her younger brother to Japan first. He even prepared a pick up service for them at the airport and came to them later.

IU and Lee Song Juk’s respective agencies later confirmed their relationship in separate statements. HighZium Studio claimed that the couple’s romance evolved from a close acquaintance to a romantic couple and they are now in a serious relationship.

Please show lots of support so they can continue their beautiful relationship, it said. EDAM Entertainment said the same, asking fans to warmly welcome Lee Jong Suk and IU’s new relationship.