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Lee Jin-Ho sees the possibility that Single’s Inferno Free Zia doesn’t know her clothes are fake

January 19, 2022

Former entertainment reporter Lee Jin-ho has now opened up on the subject of Free Zia (Song Ji-ah) wearing fake luxury items. The Youtuber stresses that the controversy surrounding the Single’s Inferno star is much deeper than she thought after deliberately deceiving her fans.

Free Zia has already released an apology letter admitting that her signature clothing was fake. She justified this by saying that she was not aware of the copyright infringement. Lee Jin-ho explored the possibility that the social media star was unaware the products she was wearing were fake.

An entertainment stylist who has worked in the industry for a decade explained in an interview that it’s unnecessary to show luxury brands on TV unless they’re sponsored, according to AllKpop. But with the rise in popularity of reality shows, even the non-celebrity contestants tried to show off their own brand of clothing.

The stylist stressed that imitations are illegal, so when they appear on TV it poses a serious problem. He also said that unless the management agency directs it, it is easy to distinguish the counterfeit items so that the person wearing these counterfeit products can be aware of it.

The counterfeit items on the market are categorized into S Class and A Class. However, Lee Jin-ho felt that Free Zia’s counterfeit products were poorly counterfeited and did not fall into these categories.

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Therefore, many netizens are upset that Free Zia has underestimated her for wearing and reviewing fake products on her YouTube channel. In another interview with leading industry insiders published by Sports Chosun on Koreaboo, they believed the reason for the reality star’s extreme measure was to protect a certain image of their brand.

Designer brands’ unwillingness to collaborate with social media influencers could also play a role. With Free Zia’s growing popularity, she may have felt the pressure to keep coming up with fresh content on social media.

It was hard for someone like her to be sponsored by a luxury product like Chanel. Also, given the high price, it was difficult for them to buy all the items themselves.

The only reason she was seen wearing fake items was because she might be getting carried away. Free Zia had created an image as part of high fashion.

With some questioning the legitimacy of her attire, some netizens compared her signature attire to that of BLACKPINK’s Jennie, known as the human Chanel. She usually posts pictures of herself wearing designer brands to encourage a lavish lifestyle.

However, after the fake Chanel controversy broke, there were mixed reactions on the subject. Certainly many were upset about the issue, but some said it was something many had done before, not just Free Zia.