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Lea Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War Chapter 231 News

July 12, 2021

Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War keeps delaying its chapters. Let’s see what updates this manga brings us. Miko learned the game world from Papa Shirogane, and Koromo believes that Miko has a cake daddy. The title of the chapter is “Kaguya Shinomiya’s Impossible Challenge: Buddha Stone Begging Bowl, Part 2”. The chapter begins with Miko talking to Papa Shirogane and telling him how rich he is, and she tells him that she is at school. The two of them have fun making jokes about the games, and Miko says that she will meet Dad after school. Miko says that she will change her uniform and come there.

Rei has heard everything and wonders what is going on in Miko’s life. Later, Rei runs into Ishigami and hits him on the back. Ishigami asks her why she’s hitting him and she tells him she has guts. Rei wanted to reveal the truth about Miko and her father. But she couldn’t say it and Ishigami told her to find the words and say what she wanted to say. Rei realizes that it is difficult to open up to other girls because it sounds like gossip. But you still want to protect someone from a dangerous situation by telling them the truth.

Rei realizes that she has heard the rumors that Ishigami hit Ogino because Ogino toyed with Ootomo’s life. Ishigami loved Ootomo in the past and discovers that he is dating a playboy and decides to beat him for playing with a girl’s life. But due to a misunderstanding, all the girls around him think that Ishigami is a stalker and spread false rumors. Rei realizes that he won’t hesitate to hit Daddy if she tells him, but ignores that Miko is playing with Miyuki’s father.

kaguya-Sama: love is war Chapter 230 Highlights

Rei decides to go professional and says that Miko Ino is having trouble. Ishigami wonders if Miko is dating an older man, and he says it’s invalid. Ishigami realizes that Rei misunderstands things all the time and has misconceptions, and imagines that Miko is holding on to an old man. He finds it funny that Miko does something like this. Rei notices that Ishiogami is unaffected and has said something different.

Ishiogami decides to make things better by saying that Miko can date a guy older than her with 20 years of schooling, but it makes sense. Rei wonders if she is the one who does not understand the good part of Miko’s story and realizes that she is not always right since she said something opposite to what is happening. Ishigami comments that he believes the truth can bring them closer to righteousness. Rei decides to investigate Miko’s case to find out if she’s dating an old jerk.

Ishigami’s determination

He realizes that Miko and Ishigami might end up upgrading, and he doesn’t want Ishigami to share Miko with an older man. Later, Rei begins spying on Miko and Ishigami arrives, saying that he knows that she will follow Miko. Rei replies that he is in a position to do this job since Ishigami cannot do it. The two decide to work together and start spying on Miko. Rei realizes that rumors can cause pain to whoever spreads them. Ishigami wonders what Rei is talking about and remembers the time he hesitated to tell the truth.

Ishigami realizes that he has interfered in other people’s relationships and involved more people, making the situation worse. He believes that things could have turned out well if he had not intervened in this relationship, or that someone could have helped this girl. The two of them realize that they are in a similar situation of interfering with someone else’s relationship. Miko has met Papa Shorogane dressed in a suit, and Ishigami realizes that he saw this man somewhere. Rei thinks she is wrong, but they decide to keep following them.

Ishigami is tired of waiting and confronts the two men asking who this Ojisan is. Miko wonders why Ishigami is here, and he might discover the truth that she is learning to play with him. Dad Shiragane notices that Ishigami works with his son at school and decides not to reveal his blanket. Ishigami drags Ino after telling her that he won’t let the old idiot do anything weird to Ino. Ino realizes that Ishigami is jealous and has decided not to tell him the truth, and wonders what Ino is to him.

Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War Chapter 231 release date

Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War Chapter 23 will be released on July 15, 2021. You can officially support and read kaguya sama love is war chapters on VIZ.