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Kris Wu rape scandal: Another recording of Du Meizhu that could prove the rapper’s innocence is revealed

March 10, 2022

Another recording of Du Meizhu, aka DMZ, Kris Wu’s accuser, is now circulating on Chinese app Kwai. DMZ co-creators-turned-enemies Liu Meili and Li En released the second recording that could prove the Chinese-Canadian rapper’s innocence.

On the recording, DMZ appeared to be chatting with Liu Meili about the whole Kris Wu scandal. The recording appeared to reveal that the rape controversy was just a gamble and DMZ had no actual evidence to support it.

DMZ admitted in the second take that she had no real evidence and only scared the 31-year-old star to extort money, according to AllKpop. She was confident that if she backed him into a corner and grabbed something useful for herself, the actor would play her game, as she wouldn’t win by embarrassing him.

Then Li En asked the audience what DMZ meant when she said something useful and advised them to listen to the first recording. The recording is said to have been taken on July 12, probably last year.

It is also good to know that the police found out that Kris Wu’s mother transferred 500,000 yuan to DMZ’s account on July 11. The police also learned that ghostwriter Xu reached the DMZ on July 13, and the DMZ published blogs written by Xu on July 16. The blog in question contained fictional content provided by DMZ, according to Beijing Youth Daily.

On the other hand, during DMZ’s live stream, she urged certain people to go to the police instead of putting things online. She also said the hate comments on her show were boring and promised to stream every night.

Meanwhile, in the first recording via KBIZoom, Li En and Liu Meili revealed that DMZ said Kris Wu absolutely did not sleep with underage girls. At the time, DMZ claimed they had really hard evidence, and when Kris Wu saw her reply, she stressed that she knew him so well.

The woman, believed to be DMZ, added that she first typed 800, surprising the man, and described his tone as a disgustingly bubbly voice. She continued: He was the most shocked and started to panic thinking where he would get 8 million from.

With this new revelation, fans are left baffled as to the true nature of Kris Wu’s rape scandal. However, many still question the legality of the recordings.

First off, Kris Wu was formally arrested on suspicion of rape in August 2021, according to CNN. He was first arrested in the Chinese capital on July 31 after an online outcry over a DMZ-led sexual assault allegation led to the most high-profile #MeToo case in China.