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Kris Wu may face chemical castration if deported to Canada after rape conviction

December 8, 2022

Kris Wu was sentenced to 13 years in prison and deportation by the People’s Court of Chaoyang District in China after being found guilty of raping and sexually abusing a minor. Because he is a Canadian citizen and is facing deportation to his home country, there are fears he could be chemically castrated as part of Canada’s standard procedure for sex offenders.

The chemical castration that Wu may undergo is also known as medical castration, which involves stopping the production of sex hormones through the use of chemicals or drugs. This procedure is often performed to prevent sex offenders, but is also used to treat tumors that feed on sex hormones.

In Canada, this procedure is often adopted by the Canadian Correctional Service, which also offers counseling and cognitive-behavioural therapy. However, fan reactions to these claims have been mixed.

While some of them think it’s only fitting that the former K-pop idol go through this procedure for doing something like this, others aren’t comfortable with it. They want to confirm the news before jumping to conclusions.

The Beijing court announced Wu’s verdict on November 25. The former EXO member will serve 13 years in prison after being found guilty of rape and organizing an orgy.

The Canadian-Chinese singer is said to have raped three women between November and December 2020 who were drunk at the time of the crime. For this he was sentenced to 11.5 years in prison.

The Chaoyang District Court claimed that Wu took advantage of the three drunk women in his home. He was also sentenced to a year and a half after organizing an orgy in July 2018.

Elsewhere, China’s State Tax Administration also found that Wu evaded 170 million yuan, or more than $23 million, in taxes. As a result, he was fined 600 million yuan, or over $80 million.

The Wu case is considered the biggest #MeToo case in China. The Weibo hashtag accompanying his allegations has garnered nearly two billion views, while the victims and police actions have garnered massive support.

After he was jailed in China in August 2021 after a woman named Du Meizhu made allegations of sexual assault on Weibo, some major brands dropped the artist. Brands such as Louis Vuitton, Bulgari and Porsche ended their cooperation with Wu. From the looks of it, several brands have taken a stand against the former actor.