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Kourtney Kardashian allegedly suggests pregnancy on Instagram

January 11, 2022

Kourtney Kardashian is about to marry Travis Barker and there are already rumors that they are expecting their first child. There are theories that the Keeping Up with the Kardashians alumni on Instagram hinted at their pregnancy, so is there really a roast in the oven?

The rumors started when Kourtney urged her followers to give dry January a try, which is to say cut off alcohol. The conversations became even more intense when she posted a photo of herself drinking water from a champagne glass on Instagram.

From here, Jordyn Woodruff of Barstool Sports wrote down the clues the reality star gave about her alleged pregnancy on an Instagram reel. One clue she noticed is the ornate avocado accessory.

Even if it doesn’t mean anything to ordinary citizens, it does mean something in the Kardashian world. In an old Instagram post, Travis Scott’s ex used an avocado as a sign that someone was pregnant.

She has shown this fruit over and over again lately and even placed her hands over her stomach in one picture. Us Weekly found the baby was the size of an avocado at 16 weeks old.

Kourtney’s lifestyle brand Poosh even liked her post. A source revealed that it was just a matter of when and how when the mother of three would announce the news.

Ideally, she reportedly wants a natural birth, as she has always been fortunate enough to get pregnant naturally. She has also taken care of herself physically, so she is confident that there will be no problems.

But if she and Travis have a hard time, they will surely look to other alternatives to get pregnant. After all, the couple has been engaged since October 2021 and fans will soon be hearing the wedding bells.

In fact, they are now planning their wedding this year and starting a family together. As Entertainment Tonight reports, the wedding planning with Mindy Weiss and Kourtney’s mother Kris Jenner is already in full swing.

A source told E !, that Kourtney is more relaxed and relaxed about the wedding details and that Travis is also involved. The Blink 182 drummer, however, wants her wedding day to be all about his partner, so he lets her decide for the most part.

In any case, the two want to get married sooner rather than later, even if the logistics still take some time. Whatever happens, Kourtney and Travis want to tie the knot this year.