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Kingdom Season 4 Update: Series Reveals New Character Designs

January 26, 2022

Kingdom Season 4 is fast approaching and the franchise is now promoting the series with the latest character designs. Although the COVID-19 pandemic and a typhoon that hit the Japanese coast last year have marred the release of the new season, nothing can stop the return of Xin and the rest of the generals.

Although the series hasn’t found much success in the West, there’s no denying that many are still waiting for Kingdom Season 4 to be released. Three new images give a taste of what’s to come to delight the waiting fans even more.

The series’ official Twitter account took a look at the characters, old and new, to give fans an idea of ​​what they’ll be able to see in the new season, according to Comicbook. It has even been promised that new character designs will be released regularly this week, so fans will have to be patient.

The arrival of Kingdom Season 4 has been officially announced after the 26 episodes of Season 3 wrap up. The show’s official website and Twitter page shared a new key image at the time to announce the new season.

The post featured next season’s antagonist Sei Kyou (Cheng Jiao) with the tagline I’m Next. Now the fans already know who they will hate next.

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Cheng Jiao has a fearless smile that many will love and hate. The post also hints at how much action and military drama viewers will get to see.

There are signs of fresh upheaval in Qin, the tweet continued. [Hat es] the crisis of national survival overcome…?

The tweet also officially announced when Kingdom Season 4 will be released and hinted that it will feature the biggest battle in history, the Joint Army Edition.

Kingdom is based on the manga series written and illustrated by Yasuhisa Hara. It takes fans back to the feudal era and follows the story of Shin and Hyou, the war orphans in the Kingdom of Qin, according to Techradar24/7.

The two want to prove themselves on the battlefield until the minister captures Hyou. Although he manages to escape and return to the village, he is already badly injured.

Shin, on the other hand, meets a mysterious man who looks strangely like Hyou. Little does he know that this boy will one day become emperor.

Kingdom Season 4 is slated for release later this year, although the official release date has not yet been announced. So fans will have to wait for another announcement.