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Kingdom Season 3 Episode 14 Delayed

June 30, 2021

Kingdom Season 3 will return in two weeks; The anime is delayed for some reason. Let’s take a look at the recent updates from the great war. General Wan Lin joins the battle and tells his men to attack. Teng’s army realizes that the enemy is attacking from behind. The other soldiers notice that it is Lu Wuwei and Gan Yang who are attacking them. Teng’s head was nearly cut off, but one of the generals blocked the spear before it reached his head. Ba Miu is punished for not giving correct information about enemies.

Ba Miu defends himself by saying that he thought the enemies were dead. The Qin Army is shocked that Commander Lu Wuwei is advancing fearlessly. The soldiers wonder what he intends to do with his troops. Lu Wuwei’s small unit and Commander Gang Yang launched a charge at the back of Wa Lin’s army. The generals believed that Lu Wuwei and Gan Yang were dead. Ba Li’s ego asks if they should cover them, and he replies that it is of no use as they are above Wa Lin’s army.

Ba Li’s men are raining spears from the left, and the captain is surprised to see his men fall to the ground. Wang Ben and Gang Yan move towards Wa Lin’s army, attacking from behind. Ba Miu warns Wa Lin that the new enemies are coming from behind. Wa Lin raises her hand and thinks of something. Bai Miu decides to shut up after realizing that her boss is making a plan. Wa Lin realizes that all eyes are on her and they want to take her head.

Previously in kingdom season 3 Episode 13

Lin tells Ba Miu that they are going to move on and that she will show the enemies of the big names that she is cute. Ba Miu asks if they are pulling out and she replies negatively. The episode is titled “The Strongest.” Wa Lin notices Meng’s army and comments that they are going to do something fun. The battle of Meng Wu and Hang Ming continues, with the two sides dragging each other. Meng Wu’s army launches a second wave with 15,000 soldiers. Meanwhile, Hang Ming’s army has more second waves compared to the first wave. Bei Man tries to analyze the war from both sides, and Gang Mohzu thinks of something as the warriors continue to fight.

Han Mings’ men help each other with a command of 1000 men. Two armies collide, followed by Meng Wu’s 5,000 men. At Qin’s headquarters, Meng and his men try to figure out which troop is stronger. Meng’s men do a great job fighting well, but their momentum comes to a complete halt in the face of the powerful army of Bei Man and Gang Mozhu. Gang Mozhu orders his men to send archers abroad to shoot arrows behind them, as their heavy unit can handle a melee.

Meng Wu vs. Han

Han noticed that Meng Wu is running out of options and his right arm agrees with him. They are surprised that Meng features a staggered attack that is a two-pronged tactic that targets both ends. Meng’s team has been split in half, but there is no going back if it fails. The other generals believe that this tactic is a complete and utter failure. Han thinks Meng is an idiot and one of his men asks if he can advise him. Meng asks this man to come by with his advice.

The soldiers wonder what Meng is thinking as his strategies are horrible. Meng responds that everything is according to the plan “his” plan. The soldiers wonder what their leader is saying. Earlier, His Majesty spoke to Meng about a cheap trick that Meng decided to throw into battle. They talked about a sweep of steps and Meng said that he did not like low blows. His Majesty tells him it’s like asking for a trick. Meng asks if Chu’s army is a formidable enemy.

His Majesty replies that he says this because he is Chu’s son and that he has no doubts. Mengs asks what their tactics are, and His Majesty replies that the enormous nation of Chu values ​​honor and that Han Ming will meet Meng one by one. They are to carry out a 200-man echelon sweep as Han Ming’s army advances. Then a second staggered sweep with 1,500 while reinforcing both ends with troops and finally attacks with 35,000 of 4,000. Returning to battle, Han intervenes and engages Meng in single combat. Meng is knocked unconscious and Han comments that it’s over.

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 14 Release Date

The release date for Kingdom Season 3 Episode 14 is July 19, 2021 at 12:10 p.m. JST. You can watch Kingdom Season 3 online at animelab.