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Kingdom Chapter 701 release date, spoilers, and preview

November 27, 2021

Kingdom Chapter 701 release date, spoilers, and preview.

Kingdom chapter 701 reveals the mystery of Kanki after Sei and the other generals decide not to assassinate him. Sei and Shin meet and talk about their horses. Sei reveals that he has many things he wants to ask Shin, and they watch the sunset and label it as red as blood. They went to a place where they could see Eikyuu, and Shin revealed how the HSU managed to get through it and come by Kochou’s head. In the final chapter of Kingdom, Shin reveals HSU’s fight during the battle and how they managed to do it and credits Gyokuhou.

He realizes that it would not have been possible without the Gyokuhou, but they learned that Kanki had an advantage since he managed to kill Kochou. They don’t know that it was Kouchou who cut off his head before Kanki killed him. Shin also talks about Ten and what she told him about the HSU that cut off Kouchou’s army, which gave Kanki an advantage in obtaining Kouchou’s head. He asks Sei if he knows what Kanki may be thinking. But Sei replies that Kanki is a genius, but no one likes Kanki’s character.

Shin thanks Sei for coming, and Sei wonders why Shin apologizes and then thanks him. Shin reveals why he apologizes as he was unable to stop Kanki. Sei believes that what happened cannot be undone as they were far from the battle. Shin thinks that if he had been there, he would have blown Kanki up. But he ran into Kanki for Ten. Sei reveals that he is more concerned about the soldier who surrendered and was killed than about Kanki.

Previously in Kingdom Chapter 700

Sei thinks that Zhao is not going to stand still and that they are going to vent their anger on those on the battlefield, including Shin. But if Zhao’s morale drops, the war will become easier, however, with such an event, things could be reversed and Zhao could become more stubborn. Shin thinks that everything will be fine since they are going to eliminate Zhao and hatred is normal. Shin is up to anything, but they will use other tactics that are better than Kanki’s. Sei believes that Shin is strong and Shin admits that he is Sei’s “golden sword”.

Sei thinks Shin is saving him, and Shin wonders if Sei isn’t saying something. But Sei reminds him to look at Eikyuu. They saw the two castles they were targeting, and near that is Kantan, where King Zhao resides. Sei reveals that he escaped from this city for 16 years and that some soldiers helped him. One of those soldiers who helped him became the King of Qin. He reveals everything, and Shin tells him to give in to the king.

At Kanki’s headquarters, Naki arrives and reveals that she saw three of them safe. Marron and Ringyoku greet Naki and say they survived. Kokuou is open to these three that Naki spoke of, but is angry that Marron and Ringyoku salute the traitor as Naki. Marron tells Kokuou to relax, and Naki tells him not to get mad at him. Kokuou threatened to kill him and Naki asked about his boss. Marron thinks the boss might be with some women at the store. They talk about Kanki and the news that has spread. Kokuou wanted Naki to leave, and Ringyoku told him to let Naki stay for a drink.

Kingdom Chapter 701 release date

Kingdom Chapter 701 will be released on November 28, 2021. Kanki appears on the other side with masked women from the Saki clan in his shop. Meanwhile, Sei brought 30,000 soldiers with some wounded back to Kanyou. On Zhao’s side, the narrative reveals that Qin’s efforts stopped time for a man who was about to start over. In Seika City, a messenger appears on his horse, shouting that they have received a report from the King of Zhao. Let’s look at the official details of Kingdom chapter 701.

Read Kingdom Chapter 701 Online – Raw Details

You will be able to read Kingdom Chapter 701 online on various websites. The manga did not offer an official site, but spoilers for Kingdom Chapter 701 have already been released. Spoilers come early before the final chapter release. The next chapter will be released in a few days. See you when Kingdom Chapter 701 is released.