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Kingdom Chapter 700 release date, spoilers: Shin, Seis reunion

November 17, 2021

His attitude towards war may have changed in Kingdom chapter 700 after the King of Qin pardoned Kanki. Kanki had taught him all about the war, but Se had come to take his head without thinking of the role he played in killing the people.

Be pardoned Kanki because he knew he had come for no good reason. The fans who hated Sei were glad someone patronized him, but was it the right thing to do? Kingdom Chapter 700 has the answer to that.

Epic Dope noted that Kanki had put Sei in their place, but fans couldn’t help but be appalled by what he had done. He is now the main culprit and fans may see more of this in the next episode.

Elsewhere there could be a conversation between Shin and Sei after they briefly met in the last chapter. This is where fans will see Shin’s reaction when he learns that Kanki did not receive his sentence for the massacre.

She is very concerned about his decision. He knows when to leave his ideology behind because he is aware that he needs Kanki.

However, Shin seems to be the opposite of Sei. He will definitely respond to Kanki’s being let off the hook, The News Fetcher reported.

So what will it be? Fans can see how Shin will react in Kingdom Chapter 700.

Meanwhile, in Kingdom chapter 699, Kanki blamed Sei for all deaths. His own troops were even surprised that he disrespected the emperor, Anime Manga News cited.

KoKuou then called him the greatest murderer of all, but Sei yelled at the emperor again. Still, Kanki wasn’t about to let the matter rest.

He reminded him of the time when Kanki let him stamp out his prisoners. Sei said it was only the result of the battle that Kanki started.

However, it was him who started the fight, so he should convict Kanki for his crimes. His malevolence is pale compared to what he has done.

In addition, there are currently six big ones, but none can become like Haku Ki, who managed to kill 400,000 prisoners. Sei said it would have disastrous consequences for their future plans and the unification of China.

Klou vowed never to be friends with Zhao and even to continue her revenge for Raido’s death. Kanki believed that Sei wanted to unite China under one flag, but that would never help unite the people and the war would continue.

Kanki made Maron’s explanation clear to Sei. Be then revealed that his military successes influenced his decisions.

Despite the threats surrounding the two, the final chapter brought the two best friends back together. What happens next will be seen when Kingdom Chapter 700 comes out on Monday, November 22nd.